Can A Spirit Guide Suppress The Third Eye?

I've had these strange things happen to me ever since i was a lil tyke, like seeing shadows in walls black hag comin up and down on our stairs weird voices whenever my head hurts, but as i get older they just disappeared then, as i entered college a friend of mine that had a sixth sense said that i have a strong spirit entity companion protecting me, she told me if i knew about it, i said no, what bothers me though is that she said that my third eye is open, and even described it as a almond shaped thing that is color violet, please can someone tell me why i can't see spirits anymore? Or is my guide doing this?
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Hi blackprince07. I'd like to talk with you more. Ask you a few more questions, if you don't mind. I have some thoughts I'd like to share with you.

Sure ma'am if there is more to tell please let me know, an recent change in me is this, just yesterday march 8 during my dead uncle's birthday, i occasionaly felt strange like someone is trying to take a peek in me this time its not shadows, its a tall woman wearing formal black dress, and this day just around 3am exact i was woken by this feeling like i was being sucked by something,

Well, you'd said something like you preferred it before when you could 'see' and you don't really like 'feeling' and 'knowing'. When you could see did you know what was wanted of you? Did you see words? How much information were you getting?

Ma'am were you asking about what the ethereal guys want want with me? If so, well i don't really know back then they only manifest in lights shapes like orbs or shadows, well some if them try to get my attention by calling my name or tapping my shoulder or some cries like they're in pain, while most of the time thy just stay there, silent all the time only watching me

Okay. Maybe now that you know and feel you can figure some of that out. That's pretty much all I wanted to say.

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Our guides will protect us. Have you tried to communicate with them. Inquire as to why this has happened. Or you could try and meditate and open the channel back up.

But is it possible for them to shut the 3rd eye to protect us from what we don't want to see?

I think it's possible. Our guides can be over protective too. That's why I think you should communicate with them to see what they are protecting you from. My mom is one of my guides and she was protecting me from my abilities and gifts. I communicated with her and told her I was ready. She backed off and my life has never been the same. I embraced what and who I was. I would try and talk with them.

So that confirms it then, well thats the problem, i don't know how to call mine, all i know that shes there watching me, but i can't call her to talk to me

Yes you can. Try and meditate. Concentrate on her on her and try to feel her. Begin mentally speaking with her. You may not hear her but she will hear you.

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I can only suggest that you contact A.R.E. with your questions. You can contact them through e-mail or by phone. Best Wishes.

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