Is This Real Or Not?

Well i had this to weird nights when i was visited by something? 1st a lady dressed in a long white gown sitting beside me but i cant move and i definitely sensed that shes gonna di something, and the other night, after meditatting i fell asleep then i was woken by weird small laughing voices while my forehead hurts, and a plastic bag and a pair of my slipper is floating close to my face? Can a paychic in this group interpret this??
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Hi I would say you were visited by a spirit if they make themselves known then they usually need your help with something. As for the things floating that can be 1 of 2 things, 1) it could be the spirit showing you it's there or 2) it could be a psychic ability you have called telekinesis it is activated through the third eye which could explain why your forehead was hurting. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Well what can you say about the colors that my psychic friend used to tell that is coming out of me, there were 3, strongest is the purple next comes the color green, then the smallest one is the red color, she said these three comes out of my body all the time, but normally people only has color in them right? Then why is she telling me i have 3, also she always tells me to accept "them" bec she knew i could see "them" but rarely nowadays she also tells me that be able to see them more clearly and fequently if i embrace these abilities more

The colors could be from your chakras purple is the crown chakra which allows you to see spirits and use your psychic abilities. Green is the heart chakra it is known for the healing ability and red is the root chakra connecting you to the physical world

Well normally it's supposed to be only one that should be leaking out right? Why is there 3 in me?

Well I have 2 that are strongly seen in my aura but there are 7 basic chakras and if they are all open the every color will shine through. It's not a bad thing to see your chakras it's actually better with every color you see

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That's not sleep paralysis. I wish I could better interpret the situation, I had extremely similar experiences growing up which I found to be 100% real. It might not be a bad idea to buy a smudging stuck and take it throughout your home. While I don't think the woman in white meant any harm, I feel there might be other presences that do.

Um thank you for your feedback, but did you also expirienced seeing colored lights gush down from people's bodies? Like blue or orange colors, if u know something like that can u please share it with me?

What do you mean by "gush"? I've definitely heard of many people being able to see colored auras around people. I would try to research that to see if that makes sense with your situation.

Yes i would sometimes notice lights coming out of people, its like flowing out of their bodies, those people also are accompanied by somewhat weird things like balls of light those so who have colors in them have something following them, mine was this long haired woman dressed in white, she was there ever since i was a little boy

Those balls of light are called orbs, they are one way spirits can appear to us. It seems like you're seeing spirits as well as auras, both of which are psychic abilities. I would consider trying to develop these talents.

Thank you for your feedback, do you have a way on how to reactivate this abilities again? To further help me understand can u please read about my last story and give your feedback as well " can a spirit guide suppress the 3rd eye"
Thank you im lookinh forward to it

First off, I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your powers lately. I know this can be frustrating. Secondly, I definitely think that your spirit guide is choosing to close your third eye to protect you, perhaps from the possibly negative presences I spoke of earlier.

Oh so that really was it. But do you know of a way to convince my guide to release my 3rd eye?

Try and communicate with your guide, and express your desire for that. They should listen to you if you truly desire this. Best of luck to you!

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You might be having sleep paralysis