I Have Had Deja' Vu As Well As Experiences That I Am Not Sure How They Would Be Categorized.

Since I was a young girl, I knew things, usually small things like going to a restaurant and knowing before we get there that they are out of a certain food.  Picking up the phone before it rings, etc.  I have had dreams about experiences that have happened to those close to me and when I relate these experiences to those people, the reaction is that they are frightened by the details of what I saw.  Pretty much decided in my thirties that it was best to keep these things to myself....Anyone else have these experiences?

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I have kinda the same thing. I'm really bad at remembering stuff but, I can vividly see memories and I can dream about things years before it happens. I dreamt of my first day of high school in grade 6 and most of what I saw came true.

Always, but I can't explain them either

This has been happening to me more often. There was a time, when it was just starting and I was new to it. I decided a little after that to write out my "insights/revelations/gatherings". My proudest moment came shortly after I decided to write down my FIRST prediction from my "psychic insight ability". I was in my house relaxing when it happened. It came to me in the form of 'details' about an "event" that would soon take place within the usual time(2-3 days). I wrote down one major detail of what i gathered "psychically". I wrote it on a sticky note and put it in a ARMY SPECIAL FORCES information pamphlet that I had gotten when I was considering joining the army. The "insight" was simply the song title to a song that randomly came to me in the "FORM" that most psychic insights come to me if you know what i'm saying. The song was an old song I hadn't heard since childhood. Though I'm not much of a rap listener, the song was "Remix to ignition- by R Kelly". Now, after I wrote it down I put it in a dresser thing in my room. I waited and went on with my life expecting this song to come to me in the form of an "experience" and that when I saw it, I would know it is the fulfillment of the vision I got. So a few days later when I was in my kitchen, my brother was on the computer in the living room close by; they rooms are connected. He randomly started singing this song and I was amazed. I rushed into my room, opened the dresser, scrambled around for about a minute trying to find where I put the "insight" that I wrote down. Once I saw the army special forces pamphlet, I remembered that i wrote the "insight" and put it in in sticky note and placed it in the pamphlet so i would remember where it was later. So I got the sticky not, went to the living room, and showed my brother what I wrote days prior. He was amazed. I'm pretty sure I can harness this ability as long as I focus as my days go by. I've got many more stories that seem mind blowing, like getting crystal clear hd color visions/images while sitting in pure darkness. Or like telepathically communicating with my friends. Or like extreme deja vu. There's also this thing where I can "know" things about present situations or future events by means that seem "etheric" and also by means which involve a highly complex "connect the dot" game/process if u know what I mean. Basically, I am access to certain things which seem out of the ordinary. I wish to discuss these things further.

I have to add that my brother is not a rap listener at all and the song hadn't been played in that house by anyone for at least 7 years, and I have never heard him sing that song, neither did I know that he would even like a song like that. It was extremely random. Yea.

Yes. I am forever in the same boat with the whole dream déjà vu thing. Unfortunately I can always distinguish which dreams will come true and let me just say its no picnic knowing somrthings before hand. Sorry this whole thing turned into a rant about me, but I'm confused about my psychic problems right now

Yes happens also in deep mediation an i have been able to focus on people close to me to see things about them an when confronted the person it was all true.

I sometimes actually see things that are going to happen in the future in my dreams. I usually do not remember them, but they pop up from time to time.

its not about seeing its when u cant. and its what others use their sight for. Evil. ihave met alot of creeppy people on streets of nyc an other bragging they can get into my mind and or follow me. its those people who also want to make people sick. findyour weaknes or a trauma or illnes as a kid. so beconciuos of who u talk to and meet who is looking at you or what u have. usualy black , ghetto or jelous poor ..

I also have experienced this, it is a form of ESP or psychic ability. It can be both amazing, and down right frightening. I do agree that sharing a dream that you know will come true about someone is invasive. (Sharing it with the person the dream is about) I had a terrible dream that my friends mother was going to pass away, and I rememered the date in my dream and wrote it down. Sure enough, it happened on that day, but I never mentioned it to my friend, because there was nothing he could have done to prevent the death. This is when it gets taxing on the soul. There is happiness in this gift, you have to find out where it is in your life, or if you can use it to help someone. I keep a dream journal. It helps me get everything off my chest without creeping the pants off of someone! Hang in there!

I too have experienced this. I often know who is calling me before I answer the phone and often know what people are going to say before they say it. I have to show a lot of patience when talking to people, otherwise I cut them off and they find it annoying. I have had many dreams foretelling the future, but more when I was young, between 5 and 13 years old. Sometimes these dreams come the day before an event, while other times it could be years before an event. One dream I had foretold the future, but I had to wait 25 years before the event occurred, but when it did, it was like watching a movie. Extremely accurate, and a lot of fun, actually. Sometimes they are warnings, but most often they just show me a glimpse of what the the future has in store for me. I started calling them "Life Markers". If I have a vision or dream of the future, and then it occurs, even, or especially if it is 10 or so years later, I know I am on the life path that is right for me. I had a dream once showing me where I will be when I am about 65 years old -- I can hardly wait! It looked like a good place! Nothing to fear here.

I just joined because what you describe has happened to me most recently and frequently. I can relate to trying to have patience while listening to someone when I know what they are going to say! Today I joined because last night I dreamt about something happened to a long lost friend, so it I looked up this person and it did really happen! I also like what you said about "Nothing to fear" because these frequent "psychic" knowings started to WORRY me!

I've had experience like that most of my life. I can't share my dreams any more, even with my husband, because they tend to be invasive. I have a tendency to know things before they happen or as they are happening, and, sometimes, it seems like I'm living in a hurricane. I've discovered that the best way to be is by myself since forming bonds with others just makes it worse.

I do ..and its hard to keep things like that to yourself <br />
I tend to pick up on my friends deaths and parents even how they die <br />
sadly I am scared to tell them ...I might end up making it worse

i have simmilar exp. for example , i think of someone i havent seen for a long time sudenly he calls me on my phone , or i see him or her in the same day , or sometimes i have a very strong feeling that something bad is happenning to someone close to me and it is happenning at the same time

i am a young girl, and i have the same problem.. except when i dream its me in their position and i can never stop it because i am unaware of who its going to happen to, i have been telling myself for about three years that its a coincedance.. but when i dreamt what itd be like to lose your father on fathers day i didnt think much of it, and then a family friend woke up to her dad having a stroke. this may seem stupid and not real at all. but why would i lie about something so serious.<br />
if anyone has any ideas wether this is physchic ability or just my brain telling me i need to relax or unwind it would be seriously helpful.

its called common sense. not psychic. people are out of touch and you are coming concious. just not panic and use it for postive not evil

...btw, I'm really sorry to notice noone has commented since you posted this over 8 months ago. If you ever want to talk about these things, I'm sure I can relate.

As often as I want. I simply intend to see/know...then it happens. Relax and concentrate is all it takes. Sometimes I do these things at the spur of the moment...while talking to people and require a need to know...then it happens.

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