Every Now and Then

I have some experiences, that is either psychic or highly intuitive in nature. They're hard to explain, sometimes... They come in two forms, either in dreams or a "feeling".

The dreams are usually some clue in some event that is going to happen. They're mostly right, the lowest is only being 20% wrong. But, I always amaze my family with these dreams. Like the time I had dreamed that my nephew and oldest brother were going to visit us, and that my nephew was going to complain about his new step mother. And when my nephew visited us, he did tell us that he didn't like his new step mother and begged to say with us! :-o

I had no way of knowing this... either thing. Because the visit was a surprise one and because in the pictures sent to us, my nephew looked VERY happy. My mother was shocked to know that I already knew about the visit, before she had a chance to tell me. And before they stopped by, she thought it was silly about my nephew complaining, thinking the same thing I did, that my nephew was happy. So, it was a shock to us all, that my dream was correct. :-)

As for the second way of my psychic experiences... this started since I was a small child, age 6. I could always "feel" the intentions of others. I don't know why... but even if the person is showing an outward appearance of their feelings or behaviors, I always get a sense of what's truly "behind the mask". It doesn't happen 100% (more like 90%)... but when it does, I've learned to pay attention to it! It keeps me out of trouble. :-)

I'm not ready or comfortable with dubbing myself psychic... I have no idea if it is or just good intuition... But my family has no problem putting that label on me... Eh. =p 

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Looking behind the mask is something I've done since I was a child also, consider yourself very lucky, because if you use it on a grander scale, you see behind the lies and deceit of those who have others lives in their hands. "bosses, political figures, mental cases." I've had the dream things too, but with 100% accuracy and I'll always know when it happens, things just seem to freeze for a second and zone into my vision with the old feeling "I've been here before..." it's crazy sometimes, most people think you're crazy because it's not "normal", but I'd rather be me, then normal any day.

i would love to know how psychic people are so so lucky

I've had plenty of psychic experiences, mostly just visions of the future, but sometimes it's of the past and sometimes through other people's eyes. It's not a big deal but people don't believe and I don't go around making claims...because people only want to hear something they choose...I don't choose what I see, and usually I just can't believe the truth.

Being psychic is all about having and trusting your intuition. If being psychic is somthing that you want, embrace your intuition and go with it!