I Have Psychic Experiences and I Don't Like It.


I've had different types of experiences all my life.  Many people think it would be so cool, but it's not!  How would you like to be harassed by an entity or ten just because they know they can?  How would you like to feel someone Else's pain, physically or emotionally? Feeling in your heart someone Else's grief or despair is the worse.  Even the feelings of sadness or anger can change your mood for the rest of the day if you can't truly shake it off.


I'm sitting here at my kitchen table writing this story while dealing with enities that try to attack and scare me.  Writing the 1st sentance was a challenge cuz their messing with me. 2nd one too.  They have been here for over a couple months and as time went on they became bigger and stronger.  There is just too many things to share, it would take me forever.  I had my families priest here twice and a ghost hunter team here last night.  They broke my cross and the rosary, after many cleansings they just get worst.  I've had many nights I fought them and was terrified.  I had to get a handle on my fear cuz thats what gives them stregnth.  I also have to ignore them otherwise they get bad.  Somehow they know i'm even writing about them.

We figured out what was up, why nothing worked.  Their native americans from the 1800's. 


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There are ritual burial rights since back in the 1800's that should let them understand that they are being sent off. So they understand it's time for them to leave.

Hi....I know you are going through a difficult time but first you have to stop being afraid...you see fear brings weakness and they feed off that. That's what makes them strong .....your fear. Second find exactly what tribe and why they are there. You must understand ...... the land where your house is was once their sacred land. Third, most likely, there pissed off cause the white man took their home many, many ,many years ago......and they most likely feel that you and your house don't belong there. So my advice is to communicate with them, tell them that you understand their pain from the past but you are not the same as the people who first took their lands. Then tell them that you have come in peace and respect their land. Ask for permission to live where you at and see what they say. Now if they say no you have a big problem because Indian territory have very strong spirits, very hard to fight....I wouldn't go there. Last when you find a person that can communicate with spirits....make sure they have some Indian in them........they will know better how the spirits would want to be treated. Leave a post tell me how it goes.

Native Americans are also about creating life. Maybe one thing you should try is planting a tree or plant in their honor. They may feel like they were disrespected. Planting life would continue the circle of life that they followed. They are all about nature and growth through life.

That is horrible... I hope you find out ways to cast them away, even if for only a moment of time. I have entities at my home as well, but they don't really do much. They're more like guardian angels, always by my side when I'm alone, or whispering something into my ears when I'm depressed or frustrated (creepy and strange, but it works). They're usually a silhouette literally made of light. They're good, i've confirmed that. But yours sound like trouble. I would definitely do things the Native American way, they'll listen and understand better. : ) I'm sorry you have to experience this haunt.

You may have tried this but I ask St. Michael the Archangel to stand beside me when I sense negative presences.<br />
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I've also had some success wearing amethyst jewelry. There's a vibration I can sense from it and it works for me. <br />
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They try to follow me from house to house so I've had to learn to protect me.

I find that resiting the lords prayer gives me comfort. When I start picking up other peoples negative emotions, I try to invision myself surrounded by white light. You can over come your fear. These beings cant hurt you you have to believe that.

You can sprinkle ordinary table salt around the perimeter of your home..you can also make your own holy water (you can contact me Ill tell you how to do it..continue sageing..but if it is Indian land that's really hard...I once had a friend who used tobacco as an offering when nothing else would work..the indians consider tobacco holy. Always visualize yourself wrapped up in the gold or white light

Protect yourself with all the divine light you can muster. <br />
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Have you tried maybe finding out what their tribes customs are for house blessings and perhaps respecting the space as sanctified by that which they are familiar with a honor? <br />
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Maybe this could help make peace with them enough to get them to respond to you transfering them over to the light.<br />
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I want to know what the Native American way was and if it worked?

They are probably stuck here and don't know what happened to them. It sounds simple but it worked for us. We had a woman who passed away here and her spirit stayed here. We kept telling her to " go to the light " and eventually she left. Most spirits are all about love, not scary things. Like someone else said, kiil them with kindness. I'm sening you love right now!!! Hope it helps!!! Good luck!!

Thanks for the comment disasster. It took me a long time, a few months, to work my way through that. Now my home is filled with Angel Energy, not allowing other entities to enter. <br />
Love & Light, WM

M and M, wasn't that a little, out of context for this disscussion, as well as unwarrented? Hm?<br />
Unless, you have experience the force of an unsettled spirit, source, energy, What ever you would like to refer to it, you have no idea the sheer terror involved in having ones life interupted, by something that goes far more the that old..."Bump in the night"<br />
To refer to that as "triping" shows a lck of knowledge, as well as openmindedness on your part.<br />
This type of undisrable remark, which is to in actuallity belittle the writer, is what indeed, has taken many of the members from EP. But, maybe that is your wish? But who would you treat badly then?<br />
It was always my understanding, this forum, was about people and thier experiences, not people and their experiences and those who wish to belittle them.<br />
constructive sritcism, is a good thing, honest understanding is another. Yet In my opinion...your remark does not fall under either of those categories.<br />
Now as for your request...I am sure there are hospitals, clinics, as well as other sources, you, in YOUR old HIPPY ways could satisfy your needs for drugs. Just a suggestion.

You don't need meds..what about the real thing? Meds are for wimps.

OMG Im so sorry. Im speechless.

yep....i keep on reminding them of such, plus my energy isn't for them.

That would be wonderful........but that also didn't help. Just made them more angry. The team is working on some great pics and video they took. They hope to learn more about it and we can take it from there. I would love some positive, loving energy for myself to wrap around me. Thanks.

When we moved into our house 5 years ago, I sensed a 'negative' presence in the house, particularly in one side of the basement. At night I would call upon our guardian angels to protect us, and tried sending out loving thoughts of empathy to the presence I felt. After awhile, the presence went away altogether. <br />
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Perhaps you could 'kill them with kindness'?

It is. i've gotton so use to it but everyonce in awhile i'll have a few weak moments and that really sucks. I wish you could scare them away. we have tried everything other than the native american way which we will.

O.m.g. that is scary. I wish I could come over and scare them away for you. Maybe you can tell them to go back to where they came from???( I saw that on Slvia Browne).Well I hope it get's better.