Elevating My Consciousness

I began to notice my psychic abilities when I was able to view into ones psych at the age of 15 seeing mental pictures of which that individual was imagining with great detail and accuracy by the age of 17 I was able to read a person history and past scars within a moments time and by the age of 23 I am much better and use my psychic abilities in my daily life. It really is a new form of analyzing another individual and helps me to better find friends and know ones personality or so to say perceptual outlook on life.

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[["seeing mental pictures of which that individual was imagining with great detail"]] <br />
I confess that I can do the same thing. It is typically something that only happens when someone is actually remembering back to things they are telling stories about. It only gets interesting for me when I see images or events that a person intentionally skips over in their story to save face or hide truths that would be too quarrelsome out in the open. <br />
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It makes me wonder if people have a false sense of safety. The idea that "Only god knows my secrets". There's more then one way to broadcast your thoughts people..... Anyways... =]

No wonder you enjoy getting out into nature. It also explains your art. Do you see auras? This also explains your wisdom and insightful writing. You are truly blessed with this gift. Do you see it as a gift? I find this fascinating, sorry if I am being invasive.

very cool. my most useful talents seem to be in dreamtime or astal projecting. But I've never been the best as pulling images from people's minds. That must be neat, and useful

hhmmmmmm,,,how did you manage to abandon it ???pray tell,,,in my expereince phychic abilities rarely switch off,,, infact most people with this ability are plagued by it ,,,it manifests itself at a moments notice,,,when the person is least expecting it ,,,, can be quite destructive to your life pattern<br />
and you would need help to control it,,,have you had such help or treatment for your abilities to enhance or control it so it doesnt destroy your normal life???? i would be interested to see what u can derive from me through this msg,,,,,i too have had "phychic windows open in my mind on occasions they are fairly debilitating to me an often leave me exhausted,,however i have never been able to abandon them,,,as they seem to be part of my normal consciencness,,,,in fact while writing this i am struggling with an invasive mind force trying to talk to me,,,is that you????as if it is its very uncomfortable with its sense of being,,,,i wonder?????

Dose a person need to be thinking about something for you to see it?<br />
and dose it work over or through technology!??

That sounds amazing..I'm naturally curious of what you would get from me.

This is the Auric awareness. Observe (google, please) kirlian photos of living & inanimate things: all have energy fields. Metal breaths with the Sun (expands-contracts). The missing or "ghost" limb of an entity (people, animals &c) or thing remains visible in the energy field. Nearness to anyone or anything (animate / inanimate) connects one's energy field (Dual) with them/it immediately. Once Physical Contact is made, the Entire History is instantly known to the Energy Field of Both parties (person/ob<x>ject). Everything is conscious. <br />
<br />
To Update on a person, just touch them...the Aura updates the latest info instantly (like a light turned on). This has Four levels: Unconcsious, Subconscious (embodied), Conscious, SupraConscious. Most life operates within the first three fields (3 + 1).<br />
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At (approx.) age 21, the brain is fully formed, and the invisible energy awareness begins to take a back-seat insofar as current social-evolutional-developmental levels are concerned. Most are totally unaware of this, and the inner sensing begins to lessen, often evaoporating at a terrific rate. Failure to exercise & utilize this innate ability carries a very high price: animalism, or automatism. It can no longer see. <br />
<br />
As described here, the Gift of Awareness is a highly tuned empathy, which invariable picks up the misery & despair that is extant within an evolving creation field. Stability, Sobriety, & a Warrior's Spirit is requisite to enable such to carry on. This is the next level of Awareness that humankind is intended to develop into, not run from. Change is difficult; strangeness is marked. Thus, Correct Principles of Creation must be understood. Mankind's social structure is an inhibitory force, fearing & resisting change. Most feel compelled, for some reason or other, to follow suit. Chaos ensues as a result, for Change is Inherent in a Balanced System. DisOrder (Entropy) is the concomitant of such behavior.

Any favorite moments? People you have helped? Insights that have changed you?

Have you ever been near death, or had an especially serious illness ?

I have a similar ability, maybe even the same one, although what I experience is not as well trained or focused as what you describe. I seem to know a person and about their life experiences etc. way more than what should be possible with no way of knowing, other than that I just do! Sometimes 5 minutes with someone is all it takes for me to know so much more in depth about them than they would ever let on.

Have you ever find out something that made you feel uncomfortable?