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And They're Depressingly Trivial

I just get the very basic connection-deal. I'll have something in mind for a day, and then at some point in the next few days I'll see it.

The reason I decided to write this is that all day I've been thinking about one particular episode of the TV show Friends. And I've just flicked over onto a channel, and that very episode, at the exact moment I was thinking about, was on.

If I do have psychic capabilities, I'd much rather they had some use. Right now they're just a minor irritance because there's no direction or cause.

Don't worry, I'm between therapists at the moment.


Edit: 9th November. It happened again. Now I just need to start thinking about the lottery more and maybe I'll be in business...

Further Edit: 16th November. It happened again, except with an episode of the Simpsons :( This isn't possible, unless somehow I'm receptive to radio waves or something and I'm picking up on the broadcasting.

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M 48 Responses Nov 6, 2009

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You are not alone!!! oh my lord i have the same things happen to me all the time! i would be thinking of a song which isnt popular to hear it come on the radio or think of a film to turn on the tv and find it on.. i use to freak out until i decided to try tune into my instincts and thoughts as i could also pick up emotions too with people. now i can see visions of my mum who died 20 years ago and feel presences.. i think you are realising a gift! : )

Used to happen to me with the simpsons all the time. these days i watch fewer reruns and much less tv apart from what's in my video collection. So now I usually think about things I've never seen, and then weeks later I finally see it. It's even weirder than my rerun predictions ever could have been

Red, for me, I just focus on that person in my head and eventually a colour will emerge. Usually they flick through a whole spectrum, but one colour will keep reappearing and getting stronger every time.<br />
<br />
That's how I do it, anyway :) It's all in the head! But I daren't look at my own aura. I doubt I'd like what I find. I might have posted a comment saying that I have checked my own aura in this story somewhere, but if I did, I forgot what it was.

I hear you on the whole radio waves thing.. I've often started humming something, turned on the radio and there it is!<br />
Also (completely separately I think) I have an uncanny link to my MP3 pla<x>yer... Whatever happens it almost always chooses the perfect song to complement my mood... Sometimes my mood shifts slightly to line up with the song, but only ever so slightly - and not often...

After reading parts of this thread again, I find myself wondering, how do you know what color your aura actually is? Do you have to get an expert to tell you or is there a way to see it for yourself? Can someone please answer for me?

And how do you feel about that?

Hello, red one :P

Hello angelic one......."plucks a feather"

I don't know, I've sort of fallen out of sync with that these days :(<br />
<br />
But...I would say light blue.

oh my god i swear the same thing happens to me! I'll just be on my computer or doing something else and i think of a certain episode or a movie and when i turn the tv on its playing. I never really put to much thought to it though.

Most of the story's in the comments now. I don't read minds! :)

I know what i'm thinking! Your new avatar is beautiful!

No, I suppose not. I was afraid of what you might see.

You can't fake your soul, TRL :)

Oh thank heavens.....scare me....I'd have had to slink away otherwise....

No !! Mom! you are one of the least shallow people i know! You're amazing :) Everyone has flaws, you just make up for them better than some :D *hugs*

No. You sound genuine.

Oh I sound that shallow, really? OMG......

Lol I just told you what I saw. If anything, it's you that makes you sound like a saint :)

Who's making fun of you behind your back...Not me....I looked up my colors. I'm really not that good a person. Hell almost made me sound like a freaking saint! I was one description shy of being gold!

aaaaaw *hugs empty* just aaaaw

I thought that desscribed you quite well, Cici :P <br />
<br />
<br />
Though I only know you on EP, so...

*runs t go see the meaning of a purple aura* aaaw they only have the extremes : <br />
VIOLET AURA COLOR : The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura, and reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical.<br />
LIGHT PINK : Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affection, purity, compassion; new or revieved romantic relationship. Can indicate clairaudience. <br />
<br />
LOOOL yeah ...

Also, I'd prefer it if you guys made fun of me to my face rather than behind my back :P I find this just as ridiculous as anyone.

I'll check it out. thanks piink.

Hmmm I may have to do some research. Perhaps the colors partially represent moods or state of mind. As far as my avatar's actually male.

Not at all. I've never really thought about it. If this soul-reading thing actually is real, then it's far more personal than I'm comfortable with. A glance is more than necessary, one shouldn't pry too deeply :)

Really? >_><br />
<br />
I should start charging for this service :D

omg!!! empty my favorite color is red darling I have red everything and most of my jewlery has rubies seriously <br />
<br />
*looks at cici grabs her around the waist and pats seat for red lady*

Certainly :)<br />
<br />'re something of an enigma. It's strange. At first it felt like a dull purple, but then there was yellow, to green, then back to the purple again.<br />
<br />
I'm thinking your avatar may be throwing me off a bit :) That's kind of the colour I started to see at first. There's definite traces of red around, though.

Okay so If I take back the scary thing will you tell me mine?

oooooh Shinny!! *stares with stupid look on face at kitti* shhhiiiiinnnnyyyyyyyyyy

Kitti's is a deep red :D and very shiny. Almost like ruby.

Well i see polka-dots! yellow and red and orange and blue and green, oh hell! It's a rainbow polka-dot soul :D

awww *hugs empty * of course you are darling nudges cici and winks empty what color is my soul ...

I'm a Human Being :(

You're scary.....

I daren't look. Though I get faint traces of light grey. Can't tell you what these colours mean though, I just go off instinct :P

Now those colors i can work with :D What color is your soul empty ?

No, not all. They just are right now.<br />
<br />
Initially, I'd say purple. Fluctuating between light pink and Violet. :D

LOL are all your revelations friends-related? <br />
<br />
no no no empty ... i didn't want to know that! I want to know the color! A girl has to acessorize accordingly :D

<br />
I was thinking of Friends last night too, when I had my "Revelation" that I wrote about. AND IT WAS JUST ON THE TELEVISION! <br />
<br />
That's the third time today. God, I wish I could control this :)<br />
<br />
Anyway, Cici....I can't put it in words. All I can say is you have a beautiful soul, and no matter what you may go through, how hopeless things seem, it will never fail you. Never.

*sits down next to kitti* ok empty ... have a look at my soul. I'm not scared of you. *hides skittles*

I don't read palms, sorry. I only read souls :)<br />
<br />
Although from these palms I can tell you you have excellent personal hygiene! Very nice :D

wow have you ever thought of talking to someon older that has those abilities and see if you can channel them more productively or control it more .. may be an interesting thing that being said <br />
*sits down show palms* I want to know if the cute guy from the bookstore is interested ..damiit dont fail me empty darling ... lol ;)

Ha! You should know I don't follow sports anyway, Cici :) And you don't have to say anything! :P But I'm glad you did.<br />
<br />
Bella, any notable experiences to share? :)

This happens to me often also.

Who knows, maybe next time it will be about the result of some football match? sorry i don't know what to say. =/