Changes Inside Me

Hi been a few months since i have commented and wow it's been really crazy. I found out I was pregnant and with it I'm accurately predicting events around me and possibly seeing future events. But what worries me is what another psychic told me. I have a evil entity that follows me. It's always been there my whole life and it used to be more violent toward me when I was younger in my teens but I put up barriers to keep it out. all these years well not many i guess these last 5 years it's been quite. I put a binding  on myself and when when i turned 21 I saw a blood red moon. It all came back the ghost everything but half ***'ed.

I could her them and sense them but thankfully not see them. The issue is that that same spirit or demon has become more active again. I'm seeing dark black wings at random times. And shadows of people that aren't there. We where on vacation  and every time my husband left the doors would rattle. It happened every time. I told it to leave me and my child alone and it got closer to me. Until it was almost up on my barriers and it I felt it enter me through my ear. It sounds silly but I had the worst ear ache  for a week. I keep thinking what do they want? I know that this child is very strong and wonder if i should worry that maybe ghost are trying to get at her. Any help im so confused. no criticisim please I'm really worried.


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1 Response Dec 26, 2009

I know psychics can say amazing things and make impressive predictions, but you may want to get a second opinion. I have had a few psychics make grave predictions that have turned out to be incorrect. However, I can also say more were correct than wrong. When in doubt, especially with important questions, consult at least two different psychics.