as a lad i was always mischievous and adventurous if i went on walks and crossed rivers or streams with freinds i was always the one that would get wet and walk home squelching! something would always happen! say between7and10yrs old i got messing around with electric! yep! dont go there! watching mission impossible blowing things up on the tele etc   i started messing! one instance i dropped a round magnet on an electric fire and next thing there's sparks all over! lucky escape! but did i learn?  no! always seeking adventure!  or excitment!  but never really thought of danger!  well at that age i just didnt! i was a hazard thinking about it now! This certain time i went too far! I touched 2 wires by accident! that id been messing with and that was nearly my last as my hands locked on the wires and they began to burn into my fingers, i shouted out to my mum! but no one heard.  The room started going black and i was rolling around my bedroom floor locked on the wires! i did start seeing  my brief past. Then what seemed like my last minutes of life, my mum had  thought hes very quite.  She came in and pulled me off the wires, getting a shock herself.  I was  taken to hospital and had the burnt skin  removed and all that night i was still in shock but the weird thing was i could smell things.  I thought i could smell rubber even though my experence didnt have this! weeks after, whilst walking down a road with my father i couldnt go near overhead pylons, i could smell somthing with them. Anyhow it did the trick as aftr that experience I learnt my leson. Someone must have watched  over me! Now i can smell earthly smells I'd say to a scary point and good. My wife can't smell and she accidently left the gas on downstairs, I smelt it up stairs so went to turn it off. This has happend with all sorts, the list is too long! but also i smell spirit as well but thats slighty different i dont know if it's all connected but some good came out of my foolish adventures.  I thank God I am alive

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cant explian it myself!but all i can say is what happened is true,there will be people with personal accounts out there that are similar,i was talking to a woman just before christmas and she was repairing my watch at this shop,ive never laid eyes on here before i would say that 30mins or so after giving me my watch,we were on the subject of paranormal she told me of her past and things had happend to her,some very spooky this also is true,i cant make you believe and dont want to push any one to believe.may be something got triggerd thats in all of us but lies dormant,one of our dormant senses,but there are people out here freind that have abilitys for what ever reason, they may be aware as a child, or something may trigger it at some time off there life

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Isn't it strange that after an experience such as yours you gain new an unusual abilities????

understand what you say,no i did not think that someone would take this view and compare such horrid happenings to my comment. I was thanking him for taking care of me. The same can be said of all the jews in the war, this can go on and on. I've prayed at night for these people and others, I'm just grateful, and thankful. We don't know why such things happen and my story was not to set myself above any one or person just to believe and be thankful.Same as the ones that are getting pulled out,I'm sure they are glad to be alive just like me and yourself. I'm sorry you saw something that was beyond the lines to what I was intending to put across. You have your opinion and I accept that.

Do you realize how arrogant your statement is that "God must have some purpose for you as he looked over you all these years"? So I guess that the 100,000 or so Haitians that God allowed to die in his Earthquake just were of no further use to him? Their purpose was to be crushed in a building or to die after having to have their limbs amputated?