Contacted Through A Dream

I had a dream that a spirit entered my body (I could feel the spirit) and I was a medium between this spirit and their family member. I hugged the family member but it was actually the spirit hugging them through me...the family member was crying and said "that is a hug that she would give!"  (as in she could feel the spirit through me).

I am somewhat close to the family in real life but I was not close to the member that passed...but I really could feel an energy and sometimes feel it slightly when I am not sleeping. I was feeling an energy before I went to bed that night but had no idea who it was...I think this spirit is trying to contact me to let me know who they are and wants me to help communicate with her mother and family...she passed away last year.

I have had this feeling alot lately of sensing an energy..I get a ringing and pressure in my left ear sometimes slightly in the right ear and something around me just feels different, I'm not sure how to describe it. Can anyone give me some advice? I would really like to help this spirit in any way that I can, I'm just not sure how to open up the lines of communication.

darkpurple darkpurple
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2010