Here We Go Again (psychic Dreams)

     So... I've had a series of three death dreams (in a row). In the first dream my sister was dying, in the second I found my dad (you can read this one in my dreams) almost unreconizable taking his last breath, and the last dream was about my dead aunt. The third dream started out like any normal dream but was interrupted in the middle as my aunt walked in the room. She looked so real and her skin was smooth and slightly pale but she looked well. I froze when she walked into the room. My mother was standing next to me and I asked her if she could see Carrie (my aunt) she looked at me funny and said no. Confused I reached out and touched Carrie's face it was smooth and flawless. My mom was looking at me do this and believed that I was actually seeing something. Carrie told me that she was really here and then told me to tell my mother something but I can't remember what she said to tell her but in the dream I told my mom.

     These dreams all took place the past three nights except for last night where I had a normal dream. Today I found out my moms uncle died. Therefore I just had three consecutive death dreams the day before my great uncle died.

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thats scary