And Another At The Funeral

     So I went to my great uncle's funeral last Wed. Now it's importent to note that I frequently have thoughts pop into my head about the future that come true or about events that have happened already but I could not possibly know. I haven't had one of these experiences for a while so this was random. I was sitting in the church pew with my mother waiting for everyone to arrive and a thought popped into my head. This is hard to describe but I heard/thought that the man who died was still on earth and was there at the funeral. He was yelling if not screaming that he was there. "I'm here!" that type of deal. I wrote it off as my brain comming up with weird things and went on with the rest of the funeral. When my mother and I got back in the car to go the the graveyard she told me she thought she heard/felt him tell her that he was still here. When she said that it freaked me out a little and I told her what I had experienced.

     Today my mom was getting her nails done and said she started talking with the lady next to her. The people who do my moms nails told them that they had a lot in common because they know my mom and the lady well. They got to talking and the woman told my mom she was a psychic. The lady then asked my mom if she was psychic as well and my mom said thats shes had experiences and that I have as well. She told her about the funeral and the lady told my mom it was probably not our imaginations. She then told my mom about a class she holds about teaching people to be more open to psychic experiences. So it sounds like I'm going to go to the class with my mom this summer maybe. C=

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Very exciting!<br />
Psychic abilities usually run in the family (especially the women, as they're generally more perceptive of these things.)

thank you C=

I enjoyed reading your story,I wished that I had phychic abilities<br />
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