The Saga Continues...

     So my mom decided to set up a reading with this psychic she met while getting her nails done. She called me on monday and told me that we were going to get a reading that day. I had a horrible day and said ok, but I told her, "I bet she says I'm too negative or something, and kicks me out." as a joke.

     We get to the psychics house and she tells my mom about all the people that just came through (the dead). She goes on for a while then says that the uncle (whos funeral I went to) hadn't passed on untill after the funeral and was at the funeral. That kind of made me excited, because that means I actually did pick up on his energy at the funeral. My mom asked all these important questions, and then when it was my turn I felt stupid because i didn't have any important questions they were just all about myself.

     She told me that she doesn't see music as a future career but she sees me as doing something with animals like a vet. Which completely through me off because the last psychic said I would be working with people (pretty broad). She started talking to my mom and my sister again and then she came back to me and asked if i suffered from really dark moods from time to time. I turned to my mom and smiled because I knew that she would pick up on that. I said yes and the psychic said that she noticed that right away and that I am probably picking up on other peoples emotions as well as my own which would mean I am an empath.

     She also said that I will have a bf in the spring but thats about it. Now my mom and I are going to sign up for her class, so that should be fun C=

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very cool,<br />
and yes keep an open mind, it makes life so much more interesting.

I was out of work, having been sacked 2 months previously.<br />
I had a wife and a young baby to look after.<br />
My wife and I, on a rare evening out, went to a large fairground gathering in the North East of England, and I went for " areading".<br />
This was July time and the woman told me that i would be "travelling abroad 3 times before the end of the year."<br />
To be honest, I was sceptical.<br />
A)I was unemployed, with no money or a hope of a holiday.<br />
B) I was in a part of England where I knew nobody<br />
I dismissed the whole concept, but carried on with the evening - "The Hustings" it was called, as I recollect., in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.<br />
Anyway, about 3 weeks later, I gotan interview for a job (for which I had previously applied).<br />
Two weeks after that, I was offered the job, near Birmingham, which I gratefully accepted.<br />
On the very first day, I wasasked by my boss whether I had a current passport.<br />
I told him that I had, and he said: "Great! You are off to Gibraltar in the morning. Tell your wife."<br />
Sure enough, I was flown out to Gib with the RAF for a week.<br />
On my return, I was told that I was being sent to Cyprus 2 weeks later. Fine.I was loving it (even if my wife, with our young baby wasn't!).<br />
I came back from Cyprus and was told I was being sent to Germany (2 weeks).<br />
All this happened before Christtmas, just 5 months since I had seen this psychic!<br />
She,and indeed myself, could not have possibly known that this was going to happen.<br />
But it did!<br />
Now, I keep an open mind about everything!<br />
cheers!<br />

Awesome, keep us updated!

thank you for your comment C=

love your story, and how true!you felt the energy around,very sensative! very happy for you