you know when you read about clairvoyants psychics not predicting there own accidents down falls e.t.c people laugh!" they didnt see that coming?  yer been there and done that,  id say my gifts are varied in strength,and when you read the storeis on here how wonderfull the spirit is in us also im slightly envious as some of you have good links to the spirit world!

any how some years ago i visited a cliarvoyant,and she told me of my grandad in spirit and things around me,    dont buy a silver car!   and you will have trouble with your knees e.t.c    now she also told me of my gran that was still alive that she would pass,  now as she got my grandads name correct!  and other things right i then for the next 2to3yrs would keep thinking, and be concerd about it,thinking god she might go soon! i later realised from my own dreams that some times its years after!you dream of it happening that it can happen then on the other hand it can be within days months , i tryed to take things with a pinch of salt as a english saying goes! im not knocking you lot that have the gift a lot stronger as some of your stories are brill,but any how years and years later she passed id visited her the day before in hospital and she was ok ,the day she passed some of the family were there with her! i was fishing and was intending that evening to see her,but it wasnt to be,idont no if gran her self visited me on the bank side or a nother family spirit but some one was behind me,something im aware off these days....up to present last month i was zzzzzzzz away in bed and in my dream i had my arms around a family member and i was crying! i saw like on a poster in neon lights march 5th! ive never had that! i awoke tears in my eyes,fearfull of my love one passing as this is why i thought i was crying, i put this date on the calander ive never had bad dates or passing directly connected to me given! i was fear full! as ive said i have had loads of various experences read my odd storeis b ut this stood out,

well my loved one didnt pass thank you god , but the day before the 4thmarch i got some shocking news around my daughter,this news i would have gone to the personstill here that i dreamt off in my dreams for comfort,  and would have cryed!, is this what i saw?did my mind fill blanks in? ididnt see this person laid out just lots of tears and sadness! but i would have shared this problem with them! and i would hade put my arms around them to feel comfort, all the above ive told you, as some people can jump to conclusions,me included ,and i didnt see this directly comming!

 thanks for reading keep posting, as we all learn from each other! we are all connected,

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ive meet some that are real, one freind i have had for years,shes as honest as youll get! as i say ive been freinds with her years! but i dont think every one knows it all,

Know where I can find one that's real?

hmmm thats sounds ruff, i would have chated to amedium or some one into it more depear than me, yer must agree, with the sounds of it you had things bad at times, i do recall myself seeing murderd people in my dreams but didnt get enough info about who did it or names so i put it down to bad dreams or whatching to much tele stuff! thanks for your storie,

LOL be careful what you wish for this is my experience: <br />
As a child and young adult I had well "gifts" so strong they frightened people.... Guys dumped me for "reading their minds" At school I got called a "Demon" behind my back friends told me about it... My mother was afraid to touch me growing up... Some people blamed me for stealing their souls... my therapist, said I notice patterns subconsciously and predict behavior.... It didn't explain things flying around the room when I woke up... or the dent in the wall from a nightmare I had.... I've walked by people or they've come near me and well acting on "instinct" I've stopped two suicides that way... as far as the people have come and told me about.... anyway...<br />
It all got to be too much... I'm a bad driver because I see things that aren't there... I used to hear voices... angels I think... I'm not sure... they were just friendly... and I've had 2 really bad experiences with something else... Anyway... I've locked it up and away... I couldn't handle it... Occasionally I still see murder victims... but I don't know what the hell to do about it... who to contact or tell... I've had dreams of murderers.... and woke up thinking I killed people...... Yes there are some amazing things that happened like saving my dad's life a few times... but honestly it was hell as a child... I don't know why God would make any child go through that.... I'm grateful I did... but it was hard... Now it is gone and it feels like I'm missing a limb...but I can't bring myself to open back up to it again.... even when I want too...