Trying To Figure This Disorder Out. Step By Step.

I've had Epilepsy since age 4. Throughout the years i struggled with medications that did not help me so i ended up at age 19, going to Mayo clinic to get brain surgery. After the second Brain surgery. My epilepsy was a lot better and i started living my life by working and going to school. At age 25, I thought that i had started having seizures again so off to the E.R i went but these seizure were different than the ones i had in my past. I ended up being diagnosed with psychogenic disorder after a few years of being told i had panic disorder. Anyhow, so I am now 31 and i was told to get dialectal behavior therapy and see a psychiatrist 2 times a week. I start this process January 30, 2013. Now I'm just looking for information of what others experience and support in helping me get through this.

My psychogenic seizures consist of me: arching my back, my whole body shaking, saying words that make no sense, opening and closing my hands, smacking my lips, rolling my eyes in my head, shaking head side to side, uncontrollably crying, and sometimes reliving traumatic experiences.

BrandyAnn1981 BrandyAnn1981
31-35, F
Jan 19, 2013