Brain Storm

I have Bipolar Disorder type one. It is extremely difficult. I am here because I expierence psychotic symptoms. It is horrible. I am delirious, see things, sense things, feel things. The night of my suicide attempt I thought that I felt angel tears falling all over my body. I was with a group of friends and I fell. I saw sparks falling all around me. I am like Deidre Burroughs from Running With Scissors. It is nice to know that I can share this with others.

Merci beaucoup.

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3 Responses Apr 17, 2008

I am bi-polar type 1 with psychotic features. In my case the only thing that keeps the paranoid delusions at bay are my medications. Over time i have found out that whether i am in a mixed,manic,depressive or hypomanic state its irrelevant if at any time i go off the anti-psychotic drugs i always find myself in a psychotic state. So for me psychosis exists at the same time as the bipolar symptoms and is the more prevalent of the two. So hang in there i know its not easy, and i also know that the "normals"have a hard time grasping that we imagine things to the extent that even when we find out later it wasn't real, we can't tell. Because it WAS reality for us. hang in there, feel free to message me back. Your never alone were here with you!

hi and thanks for sharing this. psychosis is a terrifying thing to have, made more so by by its tabo status as gatekeeper said.<br />
look after yourself<br />

Thanks for sharing. It helps so much to know there are others with similar experiences. Psychosis is such a taboo subject--highly stigmatized. It is clear that very intelligent functioning individuals can have psychotic episodes. I am also Bipolar I with psychotic features. I am coming off a manic episode that caused psychotic symptoms. It is terrifying to lose control of your mind. The angel tears are a very vivid image and I am glad you are well now.