Feeling Alone And Undecided What To Do!

My name is Melissa and I am 27years old. I was first Diagnosed in 2009 with PTC and it has been a rough ride! When I was 17 teen I got pregnant with my Daughter. I had her she was healthy had not problems. When she was about 5years old My husband and I thought it would be a good time to start trying for another child but after years of trying with no luck we finally sot out fertility drugs which did not work either. Well I ended up just giving up. know i have had headaches this whole time and thought nothing of it mind you so anywho we went about our daily jobs until one day I got pink eye ( thanks to my lovely daughter) so went to the doc and got on some meds to clear it up except it didnt clear up my vision just stayed blurry so i ended up going back to the doctor and they were rushing me all around not telling me anything but just to come back the next day and to plan to be here for the entire day so I did and I received my first LP ( not fun) I laid in bed for 9 days with what they call a spinal headache. They told me there was nothing they can give me for it so I just suffered. Well in the end I was put on Diamox and everything was going fine. I Got pregnant a month later and i thought to myself WOW I wonder if all that fluid on my brain had something to do with all my other problems? I mean I had alot of problems with my period and I suffer from horrible Anxiety. And everything Just seemed normal After my LP. Hmmm? Well it has been about 4years now and I having all of the same issues Headaches, Period problems, massive Anxiety attacks and lots of pain in my neck and shoulders. I keep pulling muscles in my neck and shoulder areas. My Nuro wants to put me on topmax and I have read up on this and I dont know if it would be a good Idea. Has anyone out there been on this before? I'm thinking I might Just want to do another LP because I dont want to take yet another pill that might or might not work. I also have been on lasix but it makes me pee alot and my tummy gets all messed up. Why is it that they say this is all because of weight? I weigh in at 184 which I dont think is huge but I Guess its to big. UGH this is so annoying and I would do anything to just have a normal life again! I am really glad I found this site because i was beginning to think I was the only one that had this. I need advise!!!!
Missygroomer13 Missygroomer13
May 18, 2012