Living With Ptsd

having served 15 years in the army and experianced so many things mates getting blown up shot and seeing some awful things i wondered through life going from one place to another one emotion to another one relationship to another unable to settle down i eventualy ended up trying to start a new life abroad went down a 350ft cliff suvived but regressed back headaches panic attacks deression unable to settle anger and suicydal i eventualy ended up in various hospitals diagnosed with this and that eventualy got dianosed with severe ptsd and got help from combat stress
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alldaybne thank you for your reply living with ptsd is difficult but with the right treatment and care and support if you have any questions please write

trapper27: I am an RMS Clerk in the CF. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend who has PTSD from an injury. He has seen a lot too, being in infantry. I hope to see more posts from you. I'd really like to be able to understand this more. I still love him.