I Miss You Allot

Living With That Other Person who Pretends to be Me

by Randy



I had a closed head injury that resulted in PTSD. I feared whom I had become and how this accident changed my life, endangered my family and crushed my career.

I spiraled down to where I became just a shadow. I don't recognize the person I've become.

Being in a rehab didn't seem to help, which later they requested, sought my State to be released from, claiming I'd never be able to improve my postion in life.

Being on Worksmen's comp I had no redress through the state or federal means to seek compensation.
So I was forced to settle for a minimum settlement, based on my earning potential and after 10 years with the insurer, to assist my failing family.

I am now on SSI and left to find my way. The problem is though I don't know, like or care for the guys who's in charge of whom I am, me!

Take care for I occassionally see him, but he's shy and hiding...

In the hallway mirror, in a reflection of a pond as he passes. sulken but aware.

If you come upon him take care and let him know he's missed and I await his return.

I miss you allot

Randysdot Randysdot
51-55, M
2 Responses Oct 19, 2009

I do hope you find him again and I believe you will.My depression started after a car accident with a trauma to the front of the head...the trauma just missing the retina.Although...there were many things that led up to the depression and many painful things going on in my life around that same time.I think the accident was just the straw that broke the camel's back.I do feel your pain and I do believe that as long as we're here on this earth...there is hope for anything.I also don't believe that doctors know everything.Take care and be kind to yourself!{hugs}

Do you believe when they said that you would never be able to improve your postion in life?<br />
<br />
Please pardon my ignorance, but why is your carer hiding?