Tears Fall As Rain Through The Last Examples


Ok I posted this late and added it today ,so if you think you read it ,read on to the end


PS:  Oh I should say, cause I think it's been tossed about, I'm not looking to hit on anyone or search for a new love, hell I'm not looking for that and if you thought that you missed the story...

It was to help someone who maybe lost and let them know it's ok to be open, for your not alone, It's hard, for I know the long trip it has taken for some just to bear coming here and raising your eyes towards hope,

I love you, for your courage to be true, to whom you are and what had happen to you, and if my story helps towards that end , I feel somewhat repayed for bleeding it forth on your feet, no matter how much it hurt.

to others whom just don't get it, I'm sry, I love my wife deeply, even tho ,when she looks at me sometimes, as I'm someone she didn't marry , and I have become somewhat more of a bother, pain, like someone to avoid through diversion, a punching bag for lite insults, slight  jabs about remembering things, stupid stuff I forget to do, and how always I want affection and paw her and as they maybe true and I might deserve them, they hurt so deeply, even if just intended as as passing comment.

 I just deal with that also. Life moves on... you think what you must, I can't help that, Untill I hear from you , I won't know and ponder, for me I'm proud i've got this far from where I was,I spent 13 years learning about everything, I could read, see or hear.

 maybe your sad for I'm not hiding anything or any intent and I'm not your dream, you made me out to be, I can't help that, but I can help you see,, me, instead of a make believe me, you may have wanted me to be...



the rest is mostly in my hand,without corrections as it comes out and is laid down , so please indulge me one last time;


tears keep falling and im waitng for the sun, but i only comes one in a while


Ok I know i got issue but already some don't get it are too quick to think something else because they see the paper and
it doesn't click


Let me give you examples...

Holloween was a great example, why it shows so, insight, I how i don't/ am not
sensable/ use good judgement most of the time.

I love love, I love people, so li,ke last night I go out and buy a ton in advance
of stuff, (candy) for the last couple weeks
I have my daughter make up medium size glad bags with 5 totois pops,
box of dots, 1pkg pf sours, 1 pkg of swedish fish and it goes o n
the bag is half full with about 3 dollars of stuff....

or when iwas walking by a hotel a  nd a vagrent/ pandhandler ask for a ha nd out, I just give himeverything thing in my opocket
probly oner 30'00 , I don't care i'm fi ne, i don't think


when i volennteerecd at the museum in the anthropological deptartment , wasing dirt for tow months,
s creening for prehistoric rats teeth from chi na, sure it was fun, new but then one day they actually put me in the display roo m
during tours so, in the museum , like a freakin' stuffed whatever, and i fet it was somewhat a lie, to the kids there, people go to school foryears and years feild wor,k and crap and even thought now i know it seemed like a lie..make sense?

Ok I left thease line original so you get a better glimsp what's going on....

Oh yea I also found out i suffer from dzlexia ..I had it when I was a child didn't know it ,overcame it ,  and now it's back cause i'm not cautious see... we can survive if we change, won't you..

        Be safe


so anywhay I'm here and I'm pushing on and trying to behappy, looking like you

for answers and hope, just like a real peorson, because i am a real person

we can still dream great dreams, do whant we want, at times might need help but we're survivors.

Randysdot Randysdot
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 1, 2009

Your a special person indeed. Yes, you are a survivor too. <br />
When you publish your first book let me know so I can get you to sign it for me. <br />
Paco :-)