I Have Ptsd.

I was sexually abused over a period of 10 years and was diagnosed with PTSD in December 2010. I'm not on any medication but am in high intensity CB/IE therapy for the time being. Therapy is a tough journey but i'm told it's worth it in the end. I experience flashbacks at least one every day and quite often dissociate to deal with anything and everything. It's like my mind is hardly ever in the present, it's always stuck in the past or racing to the future. My family and friends don't know much about ptsd so I fight this battle on my own, that's probably the hardest part for me, having nobody to ride out the horrible memories or to help me ground myself and bring me back to the present.
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I saw a post on here that there is experimental treatment being given using the active ingredient in ecstasy..didn't make this one up...it is controlled but underground...MDMA i think it was called...

It is totally normal and even healthy to face the difficulties of talking about it. It’s a step by step baby steps process and make sure to stay and participate seriously in counseling. You might find it hard, long and uncomfortable, uneasy and sometimes even upsetting. All these elements are needed for your recovery. The longer you were abused, the longer gap you will need for therapy vs. one who got raped yesterday and seeking help now.<br />
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Bravo for talking to us about your trauma. This should have even a less .5 pounds effect off your shoulders. I feel your courage and you will be back on your feet and live as is.<br />
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Besides therapy, some add other ways to express and release a trauma. Example: Painting class, gym, danse class, anything that can help you release the heaviness in your mind and breathe.<br />
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Keep it up, I’m with you in spirit and don’t give up xxx

I've been to my doctor, he sent me to therapy and I found counselling from an organisation specializing in sexual violence. I still find it hard to say what happened though.

Honey, you need to get into counseling as in yesterday. You need to let out the pain, the eotions, the trauma, etc. Seek a doctor to redirect you to counseling

I still have not managed to talk about what happened to me, this is what holds me back from moving past the ptsd.