U.s.a.f Military Dog Attack

I was stationed in South East Asia 72-73 My MOS k-9 handler; I was on patrol inside the fence line when for no reason my Germen Shepard turned and forced me to the ground biting me through the left hand at this time he had the advantage he was on top of me. I thought I was dead there was blood everywhere and I was passing out, there was also the possibility that the enemy was going to attack and I was unable to protect myself or my patrol area. I thought I was dead unable to use my m-16 or side arm.
My patrol dog attacked me again several months later and broke my right arm in the jungle and I called for assistance and there was no response on the radio I was left alone injured bleeding and unable again to protect myself, I was finally picked up and transported to the hospital I don’t remember anything to this day after that.
After 40 years I was diagnosed with PTSD
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yes but we do not get compasated for it<br />
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i have been toold by the VA docotr he has never seen a person with my score that was not locked up<br />
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but due to something about black ops i get nothing other then 20 % for damage to my body from a plane crash due to friendly fire from the US Army 2 yeats in a hospital 6 months in a coma only to wake up and find out my wife was illed the day after i was her and our mother took her own life thinging both kids were dead

I can understand your ordeal with the VA I was not black ops just on the ground getting the run around hope its going better for you