H*ll On Earth

When I was diagnosed with PTSD, I had only the foggiest notion of what PTSD was. On November 8th, 2007, a week after my 25th birthday, I woke up during a routine surgery on my lefty knee. I could hear and feel everything going on, and was terrified, for I knew a bit about Anesthesia Awareness. It has taken me a long time to get where I am at. I hate the fact that PTSD had messed with my sleep, cause I am still not sleeping great. A good thing though is, I no longer have as many flashbacks, and I'm slowly becoming less sensitive to my triggers. PTSD isn't fun, but I guess I'm doing ok, ya know? I have made Anesthesia Awareness a cause I will fight for as long as I live. Though I can't stop it from happening, I can be there for those who've been through it, and I CAN warn others how they can help prevent it from happening to them.
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You are doing okay, dealing with PTSD is not easy and is a constant struggle. No matter how long is has taken to get to where you are or to keep moving on, it means something<br />
Good job

You said it hell on earth my PTSD was caused by my military service. I was on patrol in Thieland when my Germen Shepard turned on me I was alone and bleeding from my right arm no radio contact with Csc arm broken happened again two month latter left hand can't forget over time it's getting worse for me. I hope you recover good luck in the future