Scared And Alone

I was diagnosed with PTSD  at age 13. I have suffered physical sexual and emotional abuse since age 3 by family and family friends. I am now in my 30's but still afraid of the dark, I still jump at the slightest sound or any unexpected movement. I do not remember most of the abuse I suffered it comes in flashbacks which are becoming more and more frequent. I don't really trust anyone so I have dedicated my life to animals.
NobodiesDaughter NobodiesDaughter 31-35, F 2 Responses May 16, 2012

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I was abused along with my little sister. At the time I thought it was fun but it has effected me now that I have grown

What a cruel world we live in where people can be abused so badly and then left to handle it on their own. You need all the support and love in the world - I hope you're getting it and finding some support on this site. It's wonderful that you've dedicated yourself to animals. I have four and love them dearly. :) No love is purer and more unconditional than that of a dog.