Ptsd, 4 Letters But We Can`t Give Up.

  I guess it was in 2007 when I experienced a couple of incidents that made me think that I was somehow messed up. I went to my local VA hospital and talked to some lady shrink and she told me I had PTSD, WTF is that and she suggested I visit my local vet center to get some counseling. After several months the office manager who was also a counselor suggested I go to Waco Tx. to a VA facility that has an 8 week program for PTSD. I`ve been out of the navy since 1967 but as I was walking up to the building to report in I felt like I was reporting to a new duty station lol. I found out what PTSD was and why I had it and ways to try to cope with this problem that I found out will never go away. It did help and knowing what I had I thought I would be able to handle it.
  Seven months later I was back and thank goodness they welcomed me back with open arms ready to help me again. After another 8 weeks I felt pretty good and ready to take on the world but that did not happen. My first time in Waco I met a young Iraqi vet that was really messed up and we became friends, my first friend in 35 years hell I had my puter, my dog, wife and TV what did I need friends for. I was doing ok until Sept. of 2011 when his mother called me and told me that Jack had died, I already take zoloft for depression but I went right down the toilet. I blamed myself for his death and thank goodness Waco welcomed me back again and they helped me to get thru this terrible time in my life.
  I am now determined to remain ok and to find and help other vets that need someone to show them that they are not crazy or broken they just need some help and some TLC. There is help out there for vets and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. If anyone out there needs help or knows someone that needs help let them know there is help or just contact me.  PLEASE
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 23, 2012