People Who Doubt

So I have ptsd not to a point that is very debilitating but still there are nights when I cannot get images out of my head and my shoulders carry most of my emotions so sleeplessness is common. I want to share something that happened to me only last night. I am a contractor and in Afghanistan. I was within 10 meter of a 88recol explosion and was knocked down by the blast. I saw the light of it as it hit the hesco was on the ground I checked myself and still can't believe I was not hit. Ran to the bunker and told them how close I was.

Just found out because I was forced to show up to the aid station that one of the higher ups in the military was saying that I was lying. I just can't believe the nerve of people who would say that and not to my face.

Sorry thanks for hearing me out. Re-thinking this whole contract thing.
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Sometimes people can be real stupid and you can`t fix stupid.

Thanks I needed someone to say that