I know someone affected by ptsd which I try helping this person as much as I can, by doing so, it helps me too cause I have it also.  Its like, its helping this person and its helping myself too.
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1 Response May 26, 2012

I understand exactly what you are saying! My wife has secondary PTSD from me.<br />
Not only do I have to deal with my issues, but now have guilt about her exposure to my stuff. My biggest mistake was be open/honest with my wife.<br />
A wife needs to be protected from what bad things a husband deals with every day.<br />
Some husbands don't have jobs that place them in jeopardy of PTSD and can share a mundane story that causes no harm.<br />
When my wife would ask me about my nightmare...I was honest. This now exposed her to my demons. Not a good thing!<br />
I do not mean that a husband should hide things from the wife, just don't dump your trash on her!<br />
We now approach it as a team and it really helps.

I know what you mean but we are trying to be honest and not meaning to hurt our partners and in all it does affect them too. Working together as a team is key...both needs being understanding about it and help one another.