A Day Ill Never Forget

one day when i was visiting my grandparents on my dads side, the unthinkable happened. my grandpa who is 83 has pretty extreme dimencia (sorry for the spelling) he was showing my dsd one of his 3 guns. he took the bullets out to show him. then they started a new convo and he got confussed. he put the bullets back in without knowing. then (while i was sitting at the table not even feet away from him) he says"look what i`ve been practicing out in the garage" he then put the gun at his hip and raised it...pulled the trigger...then BOOM! he shot my dad! in front of me! and because of the demencia he had no idea that he did it. eventhough my dad was bleeding profussly. it was such a horrific scene.it hit my dads elbow. six inches away from his heart. i have never been so scared in my entire life. i thought i was going to lose my dad that day. ever since that day, life has been a little more challenging. i began to have vivid nightmares about him getting shot again or me getting shot. and while i was sleeping i could feel the bullet punchering my delicate skin. for a while after the shooting, i couldnt even look at a gun. even if it wasnt being fired. then if i heard anything that sounded remotly like it such as fireworks or gunshots on tv, or loud bangs... i went into a panic. i relived the moment all over again. MY DAD IS ALIVE AND UNSCAVED......other than a small scar on his elbo. the lesson from this true story is this: NEVER TAKE ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE FOR GRANTED. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY COULD BE GONE. IT CAN HAPPEN IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. LOVE EVERYONE YOU MEET. thanks for listening
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A very tragic story :( I hope your reactions diminishes over time. I have a good friend whose boyfirend forced her to have sex by thretening to kill her with a kitchen knife. She left him eventually and he was sentenced to prison. For many years she had to leave the room while her friends cut the vegetables, but these days its much better. She feels a bit bad sometimes but can use knifes all by herself :)

Wow!<br />
I am so glad it was not a fatal incident. Have you sought any counseling? Please do so....you deserve to have a life free of constant fear. The gun was only the mechanism, not the cause. The cause was dementia! Not in a million years would a lucid thinking grandpa shoot his own son!<br />
I hope you can find some help to deal with this and make some sense of it.<br />
My heart goes out to you.<br />