Question ??? What the hell do I have to do to talk to a LIVE PERSON THAT UNDERSTANDS PTSD. I have tried everywhere. All these place say chat room for ptsd but they r all bogus ... even this 1
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Are you a vet, LEO or Fire Fighter? There are groups for them that are widespread.<br />
Otherwise what I recommend is to attend group sessions at your county level for depression. You may not have depression, however, many with depression have PTSD too. We all need to take a little time for each other and try to help. E mail me anytime, i'll chat with you. It does get frustrating.

Louie, this is more of a message board than a chat site, but I hear that they will soon have a chat feature. I don't know all the in and outs of PTSD, but have been in therapy for over 12 years with combat related PTSD. Do you have something specific in mind?<br />
I MAY be of some help.