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I have been diagnosed with ptsd but I googled complex ptsd and I really think complex fits my description better. THE QUESTION IS: What is the difference? They are obviously pretty similar. The only difference I found were some of the symptoms. Thanks
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complex is just that....pervasive. Just another label we don't need. But we all need the right kind of help so this stuff doesn't kill us. And it does "kill" us by messing up every system in our body from nervous system to immune system.

I agree totally with Jones47. I might add that C-PTSD can be determined by the therapist for many reasons. Multiple incidents, one major incident that went untreated, unusual symtoms or reactions to certain triggers. So many different things can lead a therapist to that label.<br />
Bottom line, get the one on one counseling and find a group too!<br />
Don't let it steal your life!<br />
I think Jones47 could tell you some stories of lives ruined by not addressing the issue.<br />
Many Vets have been lost to this mis-understood demon!<br />
Once you get into counseling with someone you trust, ask them about the bi-polar dignosis. Maybe after hearing your incidents, he may see it differently.<br />
However, if he points to symtoms that truly show that you have the disorder, please don't fight it. Work with him and you might find that more of this makes sense.<br />
There are many people I know that are "bipolar", take meds, go to counseling and are totally balanced in life.<br />
It is not a death sentance!<br />
Be patient with yourself because this takes a while to get through. Stay with it and you will find that inner peace in small portions. Enjoy and continue to look for those small wins!<br />

Thank you for the response :). It is so difficult to find a therapist that I trust. I feel like they all have their hands in the medication stocks and are just out to make a buck. Whenever I see a new psych they want to diagnose me all over again and add extra problems to my growing file. TOO BE FAIR, Yes I do believe that they just want to feed me pills but that could just be me not being able to trust them. I feel like everytime I trust someone is when something bad happens, so I just don't do that. I once had a psychiatrist tell me there was nothing wrong with me, that really through me thru a loop. I had all these doctors telling me all these different things for so long it made me give up on the hole idea of "getting better." Anyways Thank you for your response, Its nice to know people understand.

Complex PTSD usually involves multiple traumatic events over a long period of time.

Ok that would make more sense why my symptoms would match better. Thank you I appreciate your help, its easier for me to understand when its in simpler terms lol

Anytime, living with PTSD is difficult, and it has no cures, only therapy to help take the edge off. I pray you a good support group and someone that understands that sometimes your moods and out brust are almost impossible to control.

So that leads me to another question. I have been diagnosed manic bi polar could I have been misdiagnosed? Could my "bi polar" just be symptoms of cptsd"

Yes, because they often share many similar symptoms. PTSD has been misdiagnosed as bi-polar for over 40 years and even the Veterans Administration did not recognize combat PTSD until 1989.
It did not become a diagnosis until 1980, and even then it took many years be accepted by the medical community and to develop specific treatments.

Honestly, I have never accepted being "bi polar" but have been diagnosed countless amount of times. It makes me feel a little less crazy to know that I could be right. Thank you.

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