Reasons To Be Thankful

I have gone through a lot in my short time alive. I often lose sight of the bright side as a result. I thought I would make a list to read and help me remember when I feel like everything is too hard. So here are good things that have happened to me or that resulted from the bad things.

I've gotten to watch beautiful sunsets over the beach in New Jersey.

I've felt love in my life, even if so far, it hasn't stayed or hasn't come from where it should ideally, it is always coming from somewhere.

I've designed clothes that got into a store window in a big city.

I've made products for a celebrity that she loved.

I started my own business at one point.

I had an amazing grandmother.

I've had a good amount of time exploring life in a long term relationship and as a single person.

I take awesome pictures.

I'm very creative.

I've met all kinds of people.

I've worked all kinds of jobs.

I've never been tied down by anything in life yet.

I've watched the traffic from a rooftop in herald square.

I've had great times with people in my life even if they were there impermanently.

I have great memories.

I've done a lot.

I've overcome odds.

And I just need to learn to appreciate life every moment instead of being afraid since it is a gift and the most wonderful stroke of luck ever that I am alive to type this today.

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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Amen! You are still here and have more chances to do right and live a full life! There is a reason for it.<br />