Access To Euthansia.

I was answering a question regarding access to Euthanasia, thought it was a little too long so made it a story.

Firstly got to say I'm really sorry to everyone if I get my words a little mixed up whilst writing my answer to this question. It is a question that stirs so many feelings inside me, but I have yet to put into words how to express these feelings.

I also have to add that my answer is not a "poor me" kinda answer.  I guess just an honest answer from the heart.

Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know that I lost my Mum and Dad in 2011 and 2009, both to Cancer, both quickly from diagnosis to death.  The first time I heard the statement "pathway to death" was when a doctor left my Dad's notes on the chair in his room where he was dying, open for all his family to see.  My then other half (luckily for us all) spotted this, picked Dad's file up and removed it from everyone's site.  Thankfully only the two of us saw it.    My brother, my Mum and myself were taken to a separate family room and in an "ever so politically correct kind of way" were told my Dad did not have very long  My Mum couldn't't cope, so I had to console my Mum and ask that the conversation carry on without my Mum present.  They did. My brother and myself were then asked for permission to increase the strength and to reduce the length of time between my Dad's morphine dosage in order to bring his suffering to an end quickly and more peacefully.  We both agreed.  My Dad passed away in a dignified manner and still very comical to the very end.

When my Mum was was told she had Cancer I was the only person who she would allow to be told the severity of her illness.  After just 6 short weeks, the words "pathway to death" once again reared it's ugly head.  This time though both my brother and myself were taken into a room separately and asked the same question.

As I write this, my stomach is knotted.  These two decisions have been the worst decisions both my brother and myself have had to make.  Nothing will ever feel as painful as this for us both, never.

Yet it was a choice that we didn't dwell upon.  We were both heartbroken but relieved we were able to give our parents a less traumatic and less painful way to die.  My Dad even sat up in bed and said to us all "OK, I'm ready to go now you can all go home".  When my brother said "it doesn't work like that Dad" his response was a "well why the hell not?".

My Dad was lucid, my Mum knew.  They were ready.  Who were we to deny them a dignified "pathway to death". 

In a very "roundabout" way my parents were allowed access. 

So in answer to the original question, for me it is Yes.
Kurlysue Kurlysue
41-45, F
Sep 19, 2012