Exposure To Trauma At Emergency Scenes

I've suffered from PTSD. After 15 years with emergency services cutting people from cars, picking up the pieces after homicides, suicides and industrial accidents, it's inevitable.

I've been fortunate that its never been bad enough to put me out of action, and for that I'm grateful, but it can really knock you about.

The last big one was many years ago now where a guy ate a chainsaw as a result of an accident. It was the worst thing I've ever seen and hope never to see again!

Took a couple of years to get over it. I couldn't even talk about for 6 months at the time.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I salute you for your courage. I've never seen gross in my life exept when I saw someone puke infront of me because of heavy drunkenness.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice! Some of us are drawn to these jobs because we really do want to help humans. There is a price to pay along the way and you are now nearing the register! It's time to get back in touch with the roots of why you got into this career and re-kindle the fire so the young pups you work with can see that we don't retire on the job at 15 years! You have much to teach the newbies and by supporting/teaching them...they will see you differently. When the defication strikes the reciprocating device and you have sense of calm (you have been here before!) remember, they are watching you! I hate to say it but your PTSD, like mine! Is normal for what we do! Seek out a good counselor and get this stuff out in the open. I have been dealing with it too, but refuse to let it make me wreck everything I love. I lost my wife, friends, some family and my own self respect to this awful disorder. I am now in the battle of my life to rebuild what I lost and maintain my career. Don't let your PTSD go as far as mine has.