Last Week I Was Diagnosed.....

I was diagnosed last week with PTSD and Depression and was put on meds ...i live with friends and sleep on their couch. I have lived here for over a year and feel like i am about to explode ~ meanwhile i have a headache and am popping aleive like pez because my head is throbbing ~
my brother thinks i tried to get the diagnosis i have ...he seems to think i like the idea of being on meds not being able to function as a normal person does OH and apparently in the fact he knows everything has told me PTSD is only for soldiers ....i guess he forgot i did serve in the Army National Guard because he didn't stepmother hasnt talked to me in years for no reason other than i am not good enough to fit in her martha stuart better homes and gardens lif e...i was when my father was alive ..........and hers the kicker diagnosis came from my having nightmares about what my mother's boyfriend did to me when i was 6 years brothersa reaction to that fact ...yeesh that was a long time ago how can that affect you now i mean not like he even knows where you are ......WTF
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So what if you did try to get the diagnosis? You're the one that knows what's attacking you, who cares what he thinks? He's not taking care of you, not living your life for you, and shouldn't doubt any mental/emotional issues anyone claims to have.

And PTSD affects anyone, not just soldiers.

agreed on both counts and ty for your support....but I was in fact a soldier so his argument there was null and void anyway ....i never talked to him about what happened to me in the military much less anything else so now he thinks i am making it all up to just get government money ...i would rather work than scrape by on the crap check they give

I just don't understand why what he thinks is bothering you so much.

who my brother or the doctor?

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wow super sad

it's okay hun I have been through much worse than this ...thank you for reading

First off let me say.dont ever i mean EVER tell anyone anything that they wont understand especially when all they do is criticize you for it...i mean yeah be a brother be tthere for me get angry threaten to kick his *** be my heroe...but sounds like that wont happen ....dont depend on him or anyone who wont be there...its setting yourself up for rejection...anyway hope that helped...all i can say is that this is real all the feelings we are feeling and reliving is what happened to us we escaped from that moment and lost it until now it comes back to haunt us..i hope you get the help you need...for me my to never grow up into that old person that is still dwelling on what happned still a victim and never lived there life then its turning back...a life wasted....

Thank you for Sharing and I am praying for you.

thank you for your support it is very much appreciated

i feel you and i pray for you better health. be strong and be happy. **** every one. AND live the way you want to live...

You ever been in the service Ez, do you know anything about PTSD ?.

no i don't know about it. never been in service. But yes been in some other kind of services.... *wink* wink*

Then keep your suggestions to yourself, when you have PTSD you need friends and not **** EVERYBODY, you need help to survive, you are so stupid.

Thank You.

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Stay strong and never be ashamed to share your thoughts or feelings with other members that suffer from this like myself, it only took me 40 years to find out why I was always mad.

Hugs hunnie ty for watching over me , i think ezjo was trying to be supportive lol calm down

I suffer from PTSD and depression and IT IS NOT just a feeling it is a medical condition. We are NOT talking about having the blues we are talking about an overwhelming illness that will kill you just as easy as cancer or a heart attack. What is sorta true about what was said below is that addressing your problem will most definitely help but will it "dissipate" maybe but not likely but what you can learn is how to cope with it in a productive manner that allows you to live a full and complete life!! I have and hopefully will continue to do so!

hugs and thank you

No problem just don't ever let your illnesses beat can win with work, not every time but more than you will lose!

Depression is not a medical condition man. Its a feeling. Addressing your problems will cause this to dissipate if you want it to

I am not a man , and actually it is a mental disorder so yes it is a form of medical disorder. In my case it wont "just go away " by Addressing my problems ...and if you honestly feel anyone would want to be depressed and have this problem then you should seek help for having a lack of empathy and commenting about things you haven't experienced nor been schooled on. I am not trying to be mean as i am sure you weren't either ...if you were i suggest you not say it .

thank you Jennifer for your support it is greatly appreciated looking forward to chatting

That is completely untrue. Depression and feeling sorry for yourself are not anything alike. But kudos to you for never having any real issues.

Show this to your brother. I`m a vet that got home in 1967 and was diagnosed in 2007 with this crap. Only about 33% of people with PTSD are veterans but unfortunately I think that will go higher. I go to counseling and group sessions at the Dallas Vet Center and have gone to Waco 3 times for an 8 week program. The bad news is this this, this **** will never go away but you can learn how to cope with it better with help.

~smiles warmly~ thank you for your service and i thank you as well for your support so very much ~hugs~

Thank you for your service, sir.

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. You might wanna talk to your doc if that headche doesn't go off soon; it could be a side effect of the new meds. If so, Doc might be able to do something about it. Also, drink as much water as you can handle. Some of the psych meds can dry you out, and headache is often a symptom of dehydration.

As to your family situaiton... *sigh* I really wish that some people would think before opening their mouths. PTSD is not a diagnosis I'd wish on my worst enemy. And I totally get how it can stem from crap in early childhood. Then again, I've got PTSD stemming from childhood abuse, so I understand.

A good doctor and a therapist you trust can help you heal a lot...but even with a great team, it's hard.

I wish you all the best on this part of your journey.

thank you for your response and support i do appreciate it very much