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What the heck are therapists for? Waht ever I did think they were, I do believe I was wrong! Several years after a traumatic ordeal I finally decided to go to a therapist and try again. I was going to see if I could talk about things, if I could learn things about myself, and also I thought I would be guided toward the use of coping strategies and counseled. The second appointment, she had me figured out enough already to refer me to a dr. to start trazadone. Yes, I have problems sleeping but I don't need something for my mood. Been there, tried that, and I would like to be able to move with the up's and down's of life with grace and by taking care of myself then by taking medication. I am uneasy getting prescribed meds so soon after we started meeting. What do you all think?? Is there anyone else out there that takes this medication for sleep and anxiety?
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mtiff, your situation is more common than we all know. I too have been diagnosed with mild PTSD because of my childhood being abused by a parent. Most people to me anyways don't really understand PTSD.

I have since then gone to a pyschologist who was excellent in treating the me. No meds, just listened and offered strategies on how to cope with my issues. I have done better even though I have had situations that have actually landed me in the hospital with a heart attack. It turned out to be what was called a "traumatic attack" which flipped my T - waves mimmicking a heart attack. The episode was so traumatic so my PTSD incident came out.

At the end of the day you have to do what is healthy for you, changing the things that affect your symtoms to accelerate. I did that so I have be healthy emotionally and physically. Good luck!

I would say hit the road and find a new counselor or possibly even a life coach. There is no medical basis that anxiety or depression meds can manage PTSD, it treats the symptoms but not underlying issues, and you are the best judge for that. My inclination is if you are uneasy and non receptive to the idea, then you may not need it. Part of the problem with PTSD is this a manufactured chemical imbalance, not a biological one. Fix the manufactured problem and you fix the medical symptoms, right? You would think, at least. I have gotten into testy arguments with some doctors, duh, of course I'm nervous, I was beaten to a bloody pulp. Anyone would be, and medication doesn't change the situation I was in. I have been most successful standing my ground and refusing prescriptions when I'm dealing with PTSD. I find it to be much more validating and life affirming, but to each their own.

I agree. I love your answer! Thank-you for commenting!!