I have PTSD and Anxiety due a two year long drama filled with violence and abuse, and not having a safe place, and no help for the one family member that lives here, and of course no money.

I did start to write out the full story of what happened to me 2008-2010 yesterday, but it's still painful to go over now, even 3 years later.
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I hope things have gotten better for you

i understand orchidoo i am a male with it i been verbal abuss and have bi-poler,not until this month of hurting myself did someone give me a workbook from a woman shelter and i read that three days in a role and it was the must help that i got,one thing if you are not safe please find one,eventhou i am not happy i care about people if you need to talk you can talk to me i will understand and care

I fully understand where you are at and it really sucks. May I suggest a few things?
#1 , you are amongst people here that have been exactly where you are right now, or... "You Are Not Alone".
2. Let's slow things down and focus on one thing at a time.
3. Write out the titles of incidents that you will be writing about.
4. Find a therapist, clergy, group or experienced individual to set up consistent sessions with. (contact your health insurance provider, work employee assist program, church or veterans support group. if you are not a vet, that's ok. just need to ask if they know of any resources in your area. they will try to help because they understand PTSD.)
5. Figure out what triggers your PTSD episodes/symptoms and write them down.
6. Locate at least 3 "safe" places to sit, for future use. (somewhere quiet, out of sight of people and where you have control of escape routes) For me, I have my garage, my car, a certain bench at the park, a parking lot that is secluded, etc...
7. Don't use any alcohol, cigarettes/tobaco and only use prescribed meds. (sounds rough, but we need to expose the raw, real you!)
8. Don't hold back your emotions when you are in a "safe" place and alone.
9. BE NICE TO YOURSELF! No more negative selftalk. You are only human and you would be nice to your friends or family if they were battling PTSD.
10. Don't expect others to understand what you are going through. People who do not understand PTSD tend to pull away from you instead of getting closer. So, don't tell anyone except the ones you are certain will not pull away.

NOW! You have a plan to go into battle with. Adjust it as you need to, add to it if someone else has a good idea....customize this to fit you!
Stay with the therapy even when it gets rough. Don't quit....just post your thoughts on here and let us help support you. This can be fixed and YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!
Anxiety can be better managed when you have a plan and a backup plan. That is why I suggested 3 "safe" places.
Keep in mind that by posting here, you are helping yourself and others. Many people read these pages, but don't post anything because they just aren't ready yet or are not sure how they will be received.
You posted! Thank you for posting and taking a chance.
If I can help, I'd be glad to! Feel free to read what I have posted.
Give yourself a break and try to live life a little fuller each day.
Take Care,

Perhaps more than hearing about what happened, maybe it would therapeutic for you and others if you talked about more what you're doing now and how you're getting better :)

Ps: I love orchids! I'd love any tips if you have some to spare, I'm new to orchid care