Have It Under Control

I contracted post-traumatic-stress-disorder after a particularly violent year in Rio de Janeiro. I was there to stay with my aunt-in-law's mother who was dying. I didn't quite know how long my brother would need me around.

This was fifteen years ago when I first turned a gun on another human being. After, I spent days in prayer- Catholics like me helped guide me to find God again.

Long story short, my brother and I fought together many times. My brother was a lawyer, so neither he nor I even knew how to clean a gun before the move. We lived with Americans during our stay, so it was helpful to have English speaking sympathizers. But I can't recount the number of break-ins, shootouts, and fistfights that went down even on my street.

Those of you with PSTD, my prayers go out to you. This is simply a test of our Lord- you can and will make it through with the love of your friends and family. God bless.
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36-40, M
Jan 15, 2013