Thank You

In my darkest hour I felt lost in deep despair,
Alone no more I feel, due to your genuine capacity to care,
You gave me the tools to pick up the scattered pieces of my life,
I have gained greatly from your wisdom, advice and insight.
You didn't laugh, nor did you leave nor say I was wrong,
You listened without judgement and taught me how to carry on.
Your words of encouragement an assurance of better things to come,
So this is my attempt at thanking you for all that you have done.
The metaphorical cloud of memories will sometimes loom around,
Yet I'll remember not to avoid, to stay strong and to ground.
It's been a pleasure to have met you thanks from the depths of my heart,
I am ready and equipped to give my life a fresh start.
Thank you.
emmylou82 emmylou82
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I wrote this to my therapist she was great