My Hubby Has Ptsd and I'm Losing My Mind

my husband is suffering from ptsd, he suffers the vivid dreams and anger outburst. the out burst are the worst, he throw things punches, yells talks to me like i am dog. he was doing so very well with therapy and medicine almost back to the person that i use to know. then he experienced some rather unpleasant side effects of zoloft. he is the waiting process of going to a different dr to recieve a different therapy. are there any suggestons to help me cope as i suffer from major depression and when he fails to take his meds all of my meds cant stop me from feeling the hate he projects, wich he is always apologetic about. but honestly i just do not know how much i can take with two small children and myslef to worry about. i've been supportive, advocative in his ttreament and still . its like a little light switches and one minute he loves me and our family the next minute he could care less and says the meanest things.  please any advice would be so greatly appreciated as i just dont know what else to do except eat a xanax myself to kinda chill while hes raging to keep my temper from making his worse.

wifeofdptsd wifeofdptsd
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

The medications can be worse that the PTSD. Take only an anti anxiety like klonopin as needed, then tell the Dr. your afraid he will not be getting any free golf passes this year from the drug company because you are not taking ZOLOFT any longer. I lost friends and some family from that crap. It affects some people very very badly.