I was diagnosed today for PTSD PASS & depression. My dr wants me to take an anti depression because I know I can't handle what's going on by myself.. But has anyone else tried more holistic methods that have worked other than medicating yourself?

Or maybe some really great stories about medications that might make me feel slightly better about being on them?

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You should try herbal teas for an ongoing fight against how you're feeling they are very effective

Childhood trauma and genetics gave me bad brain chemistry. Prozac has helped me tremendously and I accept I need it just like a diabetic needs insulin.Because my doctor knows I won't abuse drugs, he gave me valium for when I have a sudden flare up of anxiety. It lowers the anxiety immediately. I take it as little as possible so I don't build up a resistance to it. I want it to WORK when I need it.

What kind of meds are you talking about. I take 150mg of sertraline a day, I take 10mg of trazodone to help me sleep and another med for anxiety. I brought this crap home with me from Vietnam and after 40 years I knew something was not right. I went to the VA hospital here in Dallas and they told me I had PTSD., I did not even know what they were talking about. That was in 2007 and I still go to group sessions every two weeks and I go visit my shrink every two months.

An SSRI? I guess my brain chemicals are all negative after all I've been through. So like an anti depressant. And yes so many people overlook that they have it.. I've known I probably do I just really don't want to medicate myself.. Although I know I probably need it

Yes you do, mine seem to help me and having a friend that also has PTSD can help. You would always have someone to talk to and lean on and know your friend will be there for you. What is an SSRI ?.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It basically replaces the happy chemicals that I'm missing from the PTSD.

I call my sertraline my happy pills, I also try to get out and take lots of photos. When I am out with my camera all is well with the world.

I agree with you about having someone to talk to about it. That's hard for me sometimes. Even having a boyfriend who comes from a great family and no extreme issues he can't really understand me sometimes and it's hard.

Ah photography is your outlet. That's wonderful.. The world can be a beautiful place. I'm glad you are taking it one day at a time and feeling better!

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