Visual Aid

I created this to give people some idea what it feels like for me to be slammed with PTSD.

Konrad Konrad
22-25, M
7 Responses May 16, 2009

My boy friend suffers from it due to being in afganistan is there anyway i can help him he is so confined to him self he never opens up and communication is so horrible slleping is the worse he shakes, does some horrible stuff it honestly scarees me and he has started to drink im very scrared and have no clue how to deal with this and i doo see acounsilor and a shrink... so does he???

You can get through it:)

Really artistic and painfully true ( have it, too). I took 2 classes in Art Therapy last year and they did give me real, although temporary, relief. It surely does feel like being slammed and singled out for private punishment. My kids get MAD at me for having it, even though they know I was raped. If only they knew, the only thing I thought about while being raped was praying that I would ever see them again.<br />
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I wish you peace, deep inner peace, and freedom from the anxiety prison.

It's describes how I experience it perfectly, maybe with different words than I would use, but the image is accurate. So is the term "slammed with PTSD."


good job, it's very expressive. i wish it could be a little bigger, though (so i could read the really tiny stuff)<br />
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i wish you every happiness

Wow, Konrad. That is intense. Those things you pose in the visual aid are not just silly little matters; they are life philosophies in which our thoughts on them translate into every day life and actions. I had no idea, thank you for giving me some insight.<br />
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I have no idea how you handle this struggle, but I wish you the best.