Proud Of My Puffy Dark Nipples

Dark puffy nipples that no bra can hide unless its padded, and my breasts are to big to add padding...besides, I gave bras up unless there is no was
Escaping it. When I was in high school, I was bothered by them.I had a boy who used to point them out and people would stare, even teachers. Gym locker room showers were strategic, it was mandatory to shower. Girls would check my nipples out, like they were this mystery or urban legend. I missed p.e. The day were had scoliosis testing, where you stand in your bra and panties in front of your gym teacher as the other girls wait their turn, all secretly inspecting each others bodies. I was call to here office and she said it needed to been done that day,it had to been mailed out. I tried to delay a day, because I didn't wear a bra that day. No luck. Finally, I told here why, that I didn't have a bra on. She just said we are all girls, and be there, no excuses for her group of girls needing to been tested. There were 5 of us girls, alphabetical order she said... I was last! Standing there with puffy nipples for.everyone to see,she asked me to hold a yard stick to help see how straight girls stood. What the hell! She knew I would protest & immediately gave a stern look and said, now! Everyone staring at my exposed nipples, no free hand to cover them. She told me tbat since I was helping, I can go first and get it out of the way, since no one would be able to hold stick for me. I stood facing them, nipples like darts then turned sideways, feeling eyes piercing my nipples, then bending over, they saw everything I had! But I saw them seemingly impressed, and almost admiring my puffy nips! I suddenly felt different about my body. I decided, too let them poke or been puffy and note hide them anymore. I now consider puffy nipples beautiful. When them tests were done and them girls had all left and I was finishing getting dressed, my teacher told me, that I should be proud of my body. She said she has heard them make the jokes, but she thought my nipples were perfect, and said she has the same kind! I felt soo much better, I didn't know others had puffy nipples.
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2 Responses Oct 24, 2013

Puffy's are so much hotter! Glad you're proud of them now and had such a supportive teacher!

I have a great fondness for puffy nipples! I have ever since I was a little boy. Glad you have learned to be proud of them.