I Have Pustular Psoriasis

I have Pustular Psoriasis on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.  The soles of my feet are the worst affected.  It drives me crazy with the itchiness, the soreness that comes when the skin cracks, it is very painful.  The redness that surrounds the area looks very ugly, so with summer coming on, not looking forward to wearing sandals :-(

I have tried many creams, which do sometimes relieve the condition, but it never goes away, and it can be very time consuming rubbing the cream in on a daily basis.  Then when you run out of cream, it takes forever to get another appointment for the specialist so you can get another prescription....it's very frustrating.


I would dearly love to hear from others who are unfortunate enough to suffer from this condition.  I know, i am very lucky only to have it confined to mainly just the soles of my feet... I have seen some very nasty photos of ppl who have it on other parts of their bodies.



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I have it too Meg. I was diagnosed Oct. '14. In the last month, I started to get it under my thumb nail. Now it looks like the nail is going to come off. It's hideous. I've been using steroid creams since November, and nothing seems to help. Just when it seems like it's going to clear up, my palms break out all over again. I'm sick of dealing with it, and keep trying to remind myself that there are a lot of worse things I could be afflicted with.

I too have them. They came on after being diagnosed with PSA and if that wasn't bad enough I started getting these blisters and the rest is history. I tried Humira and then was put on Remicade Infusions. It's been about a year and the improvement has been great on my legs and arthritis but nothing, creams or light therapy has helped these pustular issue. My best friend growing up has it as well, which is just bizarre considering how rare it is. Please let me know if any of the mentioned home remedies have been successful. I wish you all some relief from this affliction and am thankful to meet you all.

I just have it on my palms and that there is enough for me. How this happened and got so severe is beyond me. If I didn't have to pee so much, maybe I wouldn't need to wash my hands that many more times a day. Psoriasis is awful and so are all the creams. I think about Clobetasol entering my bloodstream and going right up to my breasts and I'm not a happy camper at all. Plus, I don't think it works all that well. Nothing does.

The other thing is there is no pus, there never has been. Do doctors really know this disease and identify it correctly?

I just posted my first time here with my story. I do have some worthwhile suggestions for you if you still are looking.

hi meg a got pppp just over 3 yrs ago out of the blue i totally understand where ur coming from.. i have been admitted in to hospital so many times for this only to come out the same way... its very depressing and very painfull my feet r the worst i have to wear padding on them 24/7 just so i can put pressure on them to walk, my whole life has changed in fact due to this i dont have a life now , it all revolves around the pain and suffering ... it just feels like no one cares al i get off the professor treating me is hang on in there, but they dont have to put up with the pain

hi i have acrodermitis continue which is rare on my thumb which has come from troma of an op they is no cure ,the dermo wanted me to take high doses of v/a bad drug look it up well meggzy i have treated mine with hydroden peroxide 6% for an hour 3 times a day and its magic its clean and my nail is growing back give it a try u go 50 %h/p to 50%distelled water and u will be as happy as me thanks

Hi Cynthia1000, Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. As I said in my story, the banana peel cleared up my hands beautifuly, but no luck on the sole of my foot. I will try the epsom salts soak and<br />
method you used. I would be so happy to get my foot cleared up! What I find really interesting is that most of us have gone the lonely route of very expensive creams, ointments and other treatments without much luck. Then we find some significant relief with very inexpensive, old home remedies! This particular type of psoriasis is not that common, so it has been hard to find others with similar experiences. Glad I found this group! Vicki

Oh, for those of you who are wondering how severe the pustular psoriasis was (considering it healed so quickly). My palms and underside of my fingers on both hands were covered by 50%+. I also had it along the sides of a few fingers and on my finger tips. Th soles of my feet were limited to my inner step and it was also about 50 - 60 % covered in small pustules, tiny red scabs and areas of hard, thick skin. I had the condition for 5 consecutive months before I gave up on the creams and tried the remedy. If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

Thanks Cynthia, I'm going to try this...I've spent so much $$ on doctor visits and creams...my nightstand looks like the shelf in a pharmacy. I would be SO happy if I could get this thing under control.

Hi, I had pustular psoriasis on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I saw a doctor and had several creams but nothing seemed to work. Then I thought of my grandmother and her old remedies for skin irritations, so I tried something very simple,. It worked for me and after using this remedy for 4 weeks on my hands and maybe 6 on my feet, it never came back. <br />
The first thing I did was to break the pustules open with a sterile sewing needle. Then I prepared a basin of hot water (maybe just about a degree less than I could stand it) and added 1 1/2 times the recommended Epsom Salts. I soaked for at least 5-10 minutes (stopped just before I got wrinkled) then I applied hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball. That was it. Everything dried up and about 2 days later I noticed more pustules forming and I repeated the procedure. After that when I would notice a few pustule's breaking out along my fingers (my fingers were the last to heal) I would soak the finger. I did the same thing with my feet. My hands were completely healed in a month, my feet took about 10 weeks because of all the thick dead skin that had to work it's way off but I didn't have to soak them after 4-6 because no new pustules were appearing. I have never been bothered again. During the time I was treating my psoriasis I avoided water and any creams etc on my hands. I was very careful to use rubber gloves when I washed dishes. The only water I got on my hands was when I soaked them in the salts. I did "occasionally" wash them with ivory soap and quickly dry them when needed for cleanliness purposes. I sure hopes it works as well for you as it did for me. I have been entirely free of this since December 2008. Actually it started to come back in February 2009 but I treated it immediately and it was gone by the next day, except for a few little scabs that went away by day 4! Best Wishes

Hi - Thank you so much for you pustular psoriasis advice. I followed your instructions and my psoriasis is so much better. My psoriasis erupted again in December, I have been on penicillin 4 times a day, I have been using prescribed creams three times a day and nothing worked.

Epsom Salts, a needle and peroxide a wonderful economical cure.

Hi,<br />
I have pustular also. I have it on my palms of my hands and soles of feet. I also feel lucky that it is only there, but just as frustrated. The redness doesn't bother me as much as the dry skin or blisters. I try hiding my hands in public so no one stares. I sometimes tell people that I burned my hands. They tend to believe that:)<br />
I have too been using creams and ointments daily. One cream in mornings and ointment at night. I recently started laser treatments too. Of course they said it usually clears after eight treatments and I am on 24. Also just started mtx to see if it can go into remission. The hard part is not being able to compare my treatments with others due to the "rarity" of the psoriasis. <br />
Thanks, <br />
from another sufferer ~Macy

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I hope you don't mind me posting here. I am an associate producer with MTV Networks and am currently working on a documentary for the series True Life. For this episode, we are looking for young people who are suffering from an embarrassing medical condition and who would like to share their story and journey. The topic of psoriasis has come up on a few occasions. If you'd like to learn more about the project, I can be reached through experience project or via email - embarrassed @ mtvn. com <br />
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I sent you an email I am very interested in this and believe my story is what you are looking for. Would love to talk with you. Tammy

Hi,<br />
I have the same condition on palms and soles of feet. Have continual flare ups and it never completely goes away on the soles of my feet, but it does disappear on my palms for long periods, therefore there is a lot of skin damage on my feet. Cortisone creams can help the skin heal a little but not good to use regularly because that thins the skin doing more damage. It really doesnt help. To also make matters worse I also get very bad body pain which moves around to different areas of my body continually. It is sometimes very severes and debilitating. I have to used pain killers regularly to relief just that symptom. Not a lot of doctors are very knowledgable about this condition because it is rare, so I pretty much have to deal with things alone. I still continue to do what i need to do but if the pain is bad i slow down somewhat. I can be at its' worst at night when trying to sleep. During the day I try to keep moving to stop from stiffening up and getting sore.

I suffer from this too and after seeing many specialist some of the best in Houston and trying many medications, finally I am getting some results from Stellara. I know it's usually prescribed for plaque psoriasis but it is helping with my PPP. I too have trouble walking now and also on pain meds finally so I really understand. Feel free to contact me for more info. I have dedicated 14 months to this disease now and thousands of dollars. There is no cure but I have been able to improve my life at least 50% now.

Hi Meg-<br />
<br />
I think I have that as well- though not officially diagnosed yet- but have them on my palms and side of left foot by heel- and they match photos I have seen-<br />
I am waiting on biopsy result- how were you diagnosed?<br />
I was using this topical steroid cream for a rash on my shins- after 5 days- I saw a white bump on my palm : (<br />
though not diagnosed yet- I have been seeing improvement from washing with this Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash Pink Grapefruit with Salicylic acid on my entire body- so it is always on my hands- then I used this cream I got at whole foods $10 - Psoriaflora Cream - i have been doing this for less than a week- but I definitely see it getting better- but who knows- I might get worse next week : (- wanted to respond and let you know you are not alone- happy to chat and share- lisa