Revenge With Makeup!

I was in highschool theater.  This guy  in one of our plays was always talking smack about me, "hooking up" and being a "tramp".  He wasn't the play type, meaning this was his first play.  I think he was doing it to diversify from sports, to look good on his college resume.  Anyway...we were doing Guys and Dolls and performance night meant time for makeup.  He refused to have makeup put on during dress rehearsal, which the teacer allowed as long as he would for the play.  I told the teacher "I would help with his makeup".  Since I had skills, the teacher instructed him to let me do his makeup.  My revenge cometh, I took him away from all mirrors backstage.  I promised him that I'd only use what was neccessary for the lighting.  HE believed me.  Since he was never in a play before, he trusted what I was doing and  I had the other girls playing along.  "Close your eyes and don't open" I said.  I had to work fast, but when I was done, he was wearing a full face of makeup that looked as fabulous as mine.  I actually used a darker eye shadow ,more blush, glittery pink lipstick, and more mascara than I was wearing. HA!  I modeled his makeup after my makeup from my dance recital the weekend before.  Basically he looked more like one of the Dolls dancers than one of the Guys.  The best part is no one said anything and he did his minor part on stage looking like a drag queen.  After the play my teacher was pissed, but not as pissed as him.  He was ridiculed for the rest of the year, especially when I told everybody it was his idea to do his makeup just like the Dolls!

2 Responses May 9, 2010

now that is funny but if he was not being an *** that would have been mean but that was a good punishment

great story - bet he was not so uppity after that. though, as a guy wanting to have someone put makeup on me, i would have loved to be him!