Well Yeah, After He Passed Out After Doing Me.. The Jerk

it was a party at someone's house - i don't even remember who knew who or what the connection was ... but... a lot of cute guys, mostly gay men, some str8s. One guy was dancing with had already had too much to drink and he was all hands, right? BUT, I figured he was cute and I was horny when I arrived, so I figured out well - he was good for his ****. 'found an empty room, I pulled down his pants and started to work on the lovely thing BUT, the guy was so drunk, he kept reaching down and saying things like 'what kind of f*** *** are you with that hair, those clothes..." or "I can't wait to see your girly nipples under that blouse, you dirty ****" I stopped doing my thing to tell him to shut the F** up. He lay back in the bed and essentialy passed out.

bastard... soooo... i did him with my mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss BUT, my best thing? I remember he'd trash-talked about my nipples... so I found a sharpie pen and gave HIM the biggest, sexiest nipples that 3 years in art school would let me do.


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Cool i loved it XXXXOOO Diane :)