He Looked Awesome!

My ex boyfriend had these gorgeous blue eyes. I always wondered what some black eyeliner would do to them. So one day we were bored and I asked him if I could do his hair. He has shaggy hair and I would sometimes flip it out when we went out. So I did his hair. Then I asked if I could put some makeup on him. He laughed and said hell no! After about a half hour of asking he finally caved in. He looked so pretty :). He did get a little mad when he couldn't completely get all of the makeup off LOL.
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5 Responses Mar 7, 2011

has had makeup again just to see lol

I remembr an ex girl friend if mine putting make u on me and it really turned me on

Careful.. this can turn men... they are more impressionable than we think.

I am not very good at make-up myself, so i dont wear it very often. When my female friends do my make-up, they take a long time doing my eyes, they say i have lovely eyes and emphasise them with different shades and types of make-up.

Good girl ! Hope you had fun......I bet he loved it really lol