Mad Enough to Kill

It was the Wagon Train, once a year 2000 rednecks get together and camp at the foot of fort mountain.

My cousin got completely waisted and passed out the first night.

His wife and the rest of us promptly undressed him and made a diaper for him.

We then painted his finger and toe nails red, put bright red lip stick on him, eye liner, mascara, blush or what ever it is you put on your cheeks to make them rosy, and tied a ribbon in his hair.

He woke the next morning cussing up a storm but he had only noticed the diaper.

He got dressed and walked to the breakfast line with the makeup, painted nails and ribbon in his hair.

It was almost the end of the marriage. He would have killed anyone who admitted to knowing anything about it.

Of course we knew nothing about this.


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29 Responses Feb 28, 2008

Very funny! I painted my hubbys toenails once. He wasn't a happy camper, but his cousin put me up to it. UMMM we had a drink or two by then. I was laughing so hard I was sure he would wake up.<br />
<br />
My father once talked us into putting my mothers hand in warm water when we were kids. Trick didn't work and thinking back I thank God it didn't.

This story takes the cake! That poor man! But its too funny! (I wouldn't **** that lady off either, she is devious!)

Well I was like 14 years old. lol<br />
It was like the funniest thing I ever saw.

I can imagine. : )<br />
Glad it was not what we had imagined.

She will be ok. lol She is the one who woke me up. lol<br />
So yes we are the insomniacs of the night now.

oh...that always sucks...sorry mello

I had a phone call that woke me up. : )<br />
I thing Mello had a much worse wake up than I though.

ok...have i scared people away? lol this the insomniacs are us group? lol

and actually, some of us did go to jail...just the county lock-up over night. kid stuff

yeah, but that was loonnggg ago & far, far away. lol

OMG...some of the things we used to do...should of been put in jail! lol

Soooo bad. lol =)

Your bad CG.

roflmao!!! reminds me of the times i used to have with my friends. there were 2 of the guys who would always pass out way before anyone else was even drunk. so you know the rules, they were fair game. OMG! we would put makeup on them, magic markers, girls clothes, pose them in compromising positions with each other...all this & then...we'd take pictures! Oh, yeah. I still have some of them. lol, good times, good times.

Pssssst Mello over here! lol

Run forest run

hehe It don't matter. : ) *evil grin*

Where's my brush?

lol that was funny but true. lol

I'll never go to sleep around you TF. NEVER

That's kind of a confusing comment. lol

Not yet. : )

You better make sure it doesn't or I make national news.

Not hardly.

for everyone?

I was just thinking of you. : )

It would take a while to kill 2000 rednecks but it would have to be done.

I would have killed everyone at the wagon train. lol