... 'forced' Isn't Exactly The Right Word, But It'll Do!

While involved with my first boyfriend after college, I realized that I missed some experiences that I shared with my college roommate. Yes, girl on girl, hot, but another story! I missed the closeness and the cuddling, before and after, but I really missed kissing with both of us wearing lipstick. (It feels MUCH more wonderful than it looks afterward!) I missed it enough that I just had to do something about it. So, I started wearing a heavier coating of lipstick to disquise what was coming next.

Several weeks later, as we were preparing for bed, I touched up my lipstick. I had picked that night because he had a hard day and was more tired than normal. I wanted to be in charge. So, we cuddled up and I started gently kissing him. I placed my kisses very carefully on his lips and gradually had shared my lipstick with him. I commented that I'd gotten some lipstick on him and made to wipe it off, but all I really did was wipe off the excess so that his lips were perfectly shaped and covered. (Yes, for those that are interested, it was a lovely shade of red.)

Now that his lips were prepared I could hardly contain myself. I started slowly grinding myself into his groin. When he started to reach for me and take over, I grabbed his wrists and pinned them down beside his head with the weight of my shoulders. He let me and got distracted by my breasts (or visa versa) and started kissing and nibbling on my nipples. After a bit, he noticed that my nipples were the same shade of red as my lips and started to comment. I stopped him with a full-on kiss, no more gentle teasing, while continuing to hump his groin. Before too long, we both had come. I loved the slick feel of his lipstick while kissing. It was enough to drive me over the top. He still didn't fully realize what had gone on, but we continued kissing as he settled down and realized that it felt a lot different.

After a bit, I took a wash cloth I had put in the drawer of the night stand, picked up a mirror (also positioned in the drawer) and wiped the excess lipstick from around my mouth. I then proceeded to wipe the area around his mouth, but, like mine, left his lips alone. When done, I re-did my lipstick, then, looking him straight in the eye, proceeded to re-do his. He started to protest, but my look got hard and he allowed me (See! It wasn't forced!) to touch up his lips. At this point, as I wanted the color and not the mess, I carefully blotted my lips and helped him do the same. I don't know when he finally dropped off, but I slept like a baby. 
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I love painting my sissy hubby's face.

I totally understand. Kissing lipstick on lipstick feels so incredibly amazing. It ends up looking like hell, but hey, touch it up, and start kissing again. A total turn on! Thanks for sharing your story.

Mmmm, sounds like something I would love to experience with a Big and Beautiful woman, or a nice guy where both of us are wearing red glossy lipstick! BTW, I wear lipstick constantly. I just feel naked without my lipstick!

Lipstick kissing is wonderfully exciting. Thank you for sharing Rowena.

He wasn't happy about it, but it was the start of a long process. He put up with this and more because I made it worth his while.

and so you get it... He put up .... because I made it worth his while. Men usually do this and check the pro and cons and make a decision based on that and usually their desires play a huge factor. Most women can have anything they want if they would just play. You ought to give lessons.

I am! But people these days don't want to be 'taught', so I give them stories and experiences and they learn anyway.

Well you did not say if it excited him but it sure would have excited me!

Yes, once you've tried them you realize there is nothing else like them. And with the new lip stains you no longer have all the colored mess. The clear cover/gloss still gets all over and needs to be cleaned up, but it isn't near as noticable.

but the creamy feel is out of this world dose everything else change that

The clear cover or gloss is almost as creamy, so it's a good compromise. The visual of lipstick smeared all over the bottom part of the face is quite distracting to me, but it's invisible in the dark. Being able to kiss without all of that is a plus, at least to me.

mmm yes nothing better than lipstick kisses mmmm

Glad yours were my dear, sounds very hot babe!

Omg,my panties are soaked

As well they should be! Mine were.