I made up my hubby once. He was
a good sport (and maybe he was more
than curious about experiencing the
effeminate side of life)! I did his eyes
with my wet look mascara and smokey
violet shadow,  and his lips too. My husband
has long hair - it's as long as mine and
goes almost down to his waist. He makes a
a very good & convincing woman! :-)
Made him wear some of my pantys aswell!
It was great fun. I liked the feel of my
make up and lingerie from the other side
of the equation! Though the pantys didn't
stay on for long because I got a bit fretful
about his erection stretching the fabric, so I
quickly took them off him again.

CreamedHoney CreamedHoney
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I love to feminize with makeup and lingerie. I think its hot. I am still straight but there is something about sexy feminine look and feel that gets me going :-)

one of my fantasys

very nice......he's a lucky lad.

I convinced my wife to give me a makeover once. I love it. Wish she would do it more!

I went to a Halloween party back in 1999 where two of the women from my unit (Army guy back then) spent an hour getting me into make up and a red dress. We had spent weeks shopping and finding the right clothes, color ba<x>se for the foundation and all. It was one of the wildest nights of my life and one I repeat on any given chance. It was my first time in public in drag (by the way, they did the best they could, but I am afraid I was a little too masculine to be passable).

I would love to have my GF or any woman really , make me up. I've been dressing for years and have only now found the excitement of using makeup - But now that I'm hooked .... I want it all .. I want the breast forms and the wigs and the false lashes and light pink lipstick too .. One of my fantasies that keeps me ************

Nice to hear you and your hubby can have fun bending the gender a bit! Funny how panties don't seem to contain those darn erections...LOL!

I wish my wife would make me up.You should surprise your husband and buy him some sexy panties and a cute top, and make him up again. I bet he'll love it! I would. I get hard every time I put on a pair of panties! Then you don't have to worry about him stretching yours out! And they will get *** spots on them too, because it is such a turn on!!!

Sounds like you had an immense amount of fun with your hubby.<br />
Were there many repeat performances?<br />
Hugs<br />

No. We've only played like that once. It wasn't very long ago. Only last March, so could come up again...

About time for it to come up again, don't you think?