Drunk Friend.

My and a friend were having a sleepover one night, we slept on the couch and watched tv all night. Her brother came home around stoned out of his mind and sat on the couch, entertaining us with his slurred speech for an half an hour until he passed out. 

After a while we got the idea to grab her makeup from the bathroom, and went about decorating his face with lots of lovely colors. 

He was a very good looking guy, clean shaven, and after a little bit of blush, eye liner, lip stick, and whatever mascara we could put on his closed eyes. he looked like the pretties drag queen i have ever seen. He almost woke up a few times, rubbed his face and nodded back off. to finish it off we even put red cheeks on him :)

We his the evidence under the couch and went to sleep. her other brother woke us up with his laughing. taking pictures and high fiving us. He woke up a few hours later, super hung over, and when he found out, he attempted to chase us, but since we went outside on the bright sunny day, he didn't follow us. :D

SmilingSkaterJam SmilingSkaterJam
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2011